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Fortune Foods

Lusaka, Zambia
Casual dining restaurants
Take away restaurants
With outlets in Lusaka, Ndola and Mazabuka, Fortune Foods is one of the leading companies bringing international food brands to Zambia, with the aim of serving the freshest food in the quickest time possible. Brands brought to you by Fortune Foods include My Asia, Curry in a Hurry, Nandos, Debonairs Pizza and Steers. These restaurants and cafés also offer take away services. For that mouth watering burger, flame grilled chicken or pizza visit your nearest Fortune Foods outlet.

Casual dining restaurant

Choose your favourite cuisine at Fortune Foods' own casual dining restaurants - My Asia, the place to go for classic dishes from India, China, Thailand and Singapore, and Curry in a Hurry where you'll find curries and masalas galore, kebabs, a variety of basmati rice dishes, and naan bread. To place an order call +260 211 255858.

My Asia

My Asia Restaurant, at Manda Hill Shopping Mall in Lusaka, offers an exciting menu with options like sizzling hot beef, chicken, king prawn, duck, pork and vegetarian dishes. Soups, noodles or rice compliment each dish. Enjoy friendly and efficient service at My Asia, located at the popular Manda Hill Shopping Mall in Lusaka.

My Asia has a warm, cosy interior and an intricate blend of stylish colours and traditional paintings. The restaurant caters for anything from an intimate dinner for two to large group gatherings.

Curry in a Hurry

Curry in a Hurry makes the pledge to serve delicious meals in the quickest time possible without losing the traditional taste of each recipe. The menu offers a variety of Indian food with several basmati rice plates, regular and garlic naan, and about two dozen curries and masalas. A number of meats, poultry and vegetables are blended with a unique combination of spices for a truly original flavour.

Curries are renowned for their ability to cleanse and refresh the body. All curries, whether mild or hot, are beneficial as natural antiseptics, and contain vitamins. Curry in a Hurry, at Lusaka's Manda Hill Shopping Mall, is an intimate restaurant alive with bright colours and simple, contemporary furniture. This is a halal restaurant.My Asia information

  • Mixed Asian cuisine
  • Classic Asian feel
  • Cosy restaurant

Curry in a Hurry information

  • Authentic Indian cuisine
  • Fast service
  • Colourful restaurant
Casual dining restaurant
Fortune Foods · Casual dining restaurant

Take away restaurant

Fortune Foods brings to Zambia some famous take-away brands. Think Nando's, Debonairs Pizza and Steers. Delight in Nando's flame grilled peri-peri chicken or enjoy a choice of fresh hot pizzas from Debonairs Pizza. Burger lovers can order from Steers, choosing from their wide range of beef, chicken and vegetarian burgers.

Fortune Foods makes no compromise on its brands. These take-away restaurants offer food-to-go, prepared in a matter of minutes. However, all of the Fortune Food restaurants also provide a dining table service – those who want to sit and eat at the restaurant are welcome. Note that Nando's, Debonairs Pizza and Steers outlets in Zambia are all halal.

Nando's – 'Great tasting peri-peri'

Renowned for its flame grilled peri-peri chicken, Nando's offers a rich menu that has something for everybody — burgers, pitas, platters, delicious desserts, a kids' menu, a 'healthy at heart' menu, and of course the famous Nando's chicken. In Zambia, you'll find three Nando's outlets in Lusaka (Kabulonga, Makeni Mall and Manda Hill Shopping Mall) and one in Ndola (at Jacaranda Mall).

Nando's is a casual dining restaurant that's popular all over the world. Nando's promise is to give you excellent flavour and quality every time. The Nando's tradition of good food and passion for life is inspired by its Portuguese forefathers who discovered the African Birds Eye chilli (known by locals as Peri-Peri). In 1987, Robert and his friend Fernando (Nando for short) discovered a restaurant called Chickenland just south of Johannesburg in South Africa. The restaurant cooked authentic Portuguese flame-grilled chicken, combining the fire and flavour of Peri-Peri with chicken grilled on an open flame. The two friends bought the restaurant and changed its name to Nando's. The first of many Nando's restaurants was born.

Debonairs Pizza – 'Everybody tuck in'

For a choice of hot fresh pizzas, hot subs, side orders and drinks, visit award-winning Debonairs Pizza, one of the leading pizza restaurants in Africa. Debonairs Pizza are the pioneers of free delivery* and the Hot or Not dot* – if the dot is red, then the pizza is hot and fresh; if it's black, the pizza is free! Debonairs Pizza's mobile and internet service allows customers to order their favourite Debonairs pizza from their cell phone or computer. Find Debonairs Pizza outlets at Makeni Mall and Manda Hill Shopping Mall in Lusaka, at Jacaranda Mall in Ndola, and also in Mazabuka.

Debonairs Pizza has a creative menu that includes the Triple-Decker, Crammed-Crust, Pizza-Filla and more. Some of the mouth watering options include the massive 'chicken triple decker' or the 'meaty-filla' with oodles of ingredients, cheeses and toppings to create mouth watering pizzas. Debonairs Pizza menu items are low in cholesterol, containing less than 20mg of cholesterol for every 100g of food.

Steers – 'Real food made real good'

Steers is one of Africa's leading flame-grilled burger brands that has been serving 'real food made real good' for over 50 years. Steers is all about the simple 100% beef burger and handmade chips. Steers uses only the freshest ingredients and classic taste combinations to make some of the best burgers in town. Just about everything served at Steers is made to order. There's a wide range of beef, chicken and vegetarian burgers, together with the popular king steer burger. Find Steers in Lusaka at Manda Hill Shopping Mall, and in Ndola at Jacaranda Mall.

As a testament to the great quality food served by Steers, the company has won the 'leisure options' reader's choice award for 'best burger' for 15 years running and 'best chips' for 13 years running.Nando's menu outline

  • Peri-peri chicken
  • Appetizers
  • Burgers
  • Desserts
  • Kids menu
  • Pitas
  • Platters
  • Salads
  • Soft drinks

Nando’s contact information

  • Kabulonga, Lusaka (Phone: +260 211 264039)
  • Makeni Mall, Lusaka (Phone: +260 211 272270)
  • Manda Hill Shopping Mall, Lusaka (Phone: +260 211 258006)
  • Jacaranda Mall, Ndola (Phone: +260 212 650692)

Debonair’s Pizza menu outline

  • Pizzas
  • Side orders
  • Subs
  • Soft drinks

Debonair’s Pizza contact information

  • Makeni Mall, Lusaka (Phone: +260 211 272272)
  • Manda Hill Shopping Mall, Lusaka (Phone: +260 211 255577)
  • Jacaranda Mall, Ndola (Phone: +260 212 650693)
  • Mazabuka (Phone: +260 213 230744)

Steers outline menu

  • Flame-grilled burgers
  • Flame-grilled basted ribs
  • Handmade chips
  • Hero steak rolls
  • Milkshakes
  • Creamy ice-creams

Steers contact information

  • Chipata (Phone:+260 971 251132)
  • Manda Hill Shopping Mall, Lusaka (Phone: +260 211 255577)
  • Jacaranda Mall, Ndola (Phone: +260 212 650693)
Take away restaurant
Fortune Foods · Take away restaurant


Fortune Foods has two leading cafés in Lusaka and Ndola: Milky Lane which serves delicious ice-creams, waffles, pancakes and a tasty variety of coffees; and the Bread Café where customers can enjoy freshly baked treats such as pies, tarts, cup cakes, cinnamon rolls and more. Stop by for a relaxing break while shopping!

Milky Lane

Milky Lane offers a world of indulgent tastes with a delicious variety of dishes. Milky Lane spinners are a unique concept which blends soft ice-cream with chocolate, nuts, fruit, and other tasty ingredients. They also have smoothies, sundaes, sweet and savoury waffles, and speciality coffees. Drinks include popular smoothies made with ice-cream, plain yoghurt and a choice of granadilla, mixed berries, mango and peach, strawberry or fruit salad. A variety of juices, soda floaters, coke, fanta, cream soda and more is also available.

Since 1958, Milky Lane has led the field in innovative ice-cream experiences with a fast, friendly service and quality products. Each Milky Lane venue is colourful and inviting, with seating suitable for a family out for an afternoon treat, or for a pair of lovebirds spoiling themselves with all the tasty options. Find Milky Lane outlets at Lusaka's Manda Hill Shopping Mall and Makeni Mall, and Ndola's Jacaranda Mall.

Milky Lane treats include pancakes, smoothies, sodas, speciality coffees, spinners, sundaes and waffles.

You will find Milky Lane outlets in Manda Hill Shopping Mall, Lusaka (Phone: +260 977 157766), Makeni Mall, Lusaka (Phone: +260 211 272272) and Jacaranda Mall, Ndola (Phone: +260 212 650693).

Bread Café

Bread Café serves freshly baked food and is a great choice for breakfast, coffee, snack or lunch. Bread Café, at Lusaka's Manda Hill Shopping Mall, is one of the leading providers of confectioneries, pastries, cakes and speciality bread and rolls.

The Bread Café offers a wide selection of delicious pastries such as jam tarts, milk tarts, Danish pastries, cup cakes, cinnamon rolls, cheesy wraps, apple turnovers, almond croissants, choc chip cookies and assorted muffins. Customers are also treated to a selection of cake slices such as rich chocolate cake, carrot cake, banana cake, blueberry cake, vanilla cake, black forest cake and cheese cake. There is also a selection of pies from chicken and mushroom right up to pepper steak. Everything is freshly baked including the crispy rolls, buns and bread. Drinks include a selection of coffees and other hot drinks, and fresh fruit juices. The Bread Café also makes cakes to order.

Bread Café offers bread, cakes, confectioneries, pastries, rolls and pies. You will find the Bread Café outlet in Manda Hill Shopping Mall, Lusaka (Phone: +260 211 257508).

Fortune Foods · Cafe
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