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Garden Care Services

Lusaka, Zambia
Property improvement
A company that offers professional gardening and landscaping for residential and commercial properties. Garden Care Services' services include landscaping, design, planning, layouts, planting and maintenance. Garden Care Services has a vision to be a leading landscaping and gardening company of choice in Zambia. The team believes in giving clients value for their money and emphasis is placed on completing all work within scheduled time. The company also designs and installs a wide selection of carports.


Garden Care Services provides design services for indoor and exterior landscapes. The company offers special landscape designs for residential, commercial and industrial properties, and community and private parks. It provides landscaping, design, planning and layout services for both indoor and exterior landscapes.

Special landscape design is developed for residences, commercial and industrial properties, government industries, embassies, private residential villas and churches. The company's range of services include:

  • Landscaping design, planning and planting Garden Care's landscape services include soft landscapes and hard landscapes:
    • Soft landscapes involve the establishment of exotic and indigenous ornamental plants, trees and lawns. The company conducts site analysis including soil tests and source adapted plant materials and other related inputs.
    • Hard landscape works include the installation of pavements, kerbs, retaining walls, water features, car parks, flower pot and installation of pop up irrigation sprinklers. Garden Care Services also carries out land preparation such as excavation, back filling and levelling, with suitable topsoil, garden fertilizers and compost.

  • Garden maintenance Garden Care offers maintenance services which include mowing of lawns, trimming and hedging of lawns and boundaries, weeding and termite control, tending flowerbeds and borders, pruning, and the supply and application of soil nutrients such as fertilizers and manure suitable for each specific site.
  • Plant supply
    • Garden Care Services also supply fully grown exotic palm trees, variegated shrubs, wall climbers and ground covers (low growing compact flowers), and permanent plants such as hybrid lilies and evergreen shade trees of medium to large size.

Qualifications and experience of technical staff The key management and technical staff undertaking landscaping and garden services possess vast experience in agriculture, horticulture, flora gardening, landscape architecture and project planning. Garden Care Services is proud of undertaking and establishing a green modern landscape and garden at the new Stanbic Bank head office in Lusaka, located along Addis Ababa road. Completion of work To ensure the completion of works within the specified period, Garden Care Services constantly applies garden management methodologies which include establishing daily work schedules and effectively relaying targets to the team of gardeners. Garden Care Services believes in giving clients value for their money. Emphasis is placed on completing all work within scheduled time, taking into account the lowest possible cost of input materials and quality standards expected by the client. Targets and plans are all in line with clients' expectations. Throughout each project, appropriate monitoring and control of planting and watering is undertaken by a team of senior gardeners who ensure the lush outcome of the work. The outcome of each gardening project is an easy to maintain landscape and garden, creating a beautiful and lasting backdrop to the property. Clients

  • Bank of Zambia
  • Maamba Collieries
  • Shorthorn Printers Ltd
  • European Union Embassy
  • Stanbic Bank
  • ZICA
  • ZNBC
  • ZRA
  • FRA
  • Medical stores
  • Electoral Commission of Zambia
Garden Care Services · Landscaping

Property improvement

Garden Care Services' carports are ideal for residential and commercial premises. They come in single, double and treble widths and are available in a range of colours - terracotta, beige, royal blue and forest green. They give durable protection against the sun and the elements and provide opportunities for corporate branding.

Garden Care Services' range of carports offer a great protection for various types of vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, boats and motorbikes. They come in many different sizes and styles with different heights to meet each client's needs. The company has a goal to provide the best products and installation, offering the best value for money. Garden Care Services has a solution for every size project, whether it is for domestic or commercial use. Pricing for Garden Care Services' carports are customised and based on each client's project requirements. The company will work within their budget and advise on how to maximise the potential of their space. Other services offered by Garden Care Services include laying paving bricks and concrete slabs for passages and walkways, and solar window tinting of motor vehicles and buildings. Clients

  • Catholic relief services
  • WBHO
  • Stanbic Bank
  • ZRA
  • Government Institutions
  • Food Reserve Agency
  • Seventh Day Zambian union Conference
  • Sable
  • Silverlands
Property improvement
Garden Care Services · Property improvement
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