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Good Nature Agro

Chipata, Zambia
Crop farming
Seeds and seedlings
Capacity building
This company has been investing in Zambia’s small-scale farmers to generate lasting income since 2014. Good Nature Seeds are subject to rigorous quality control checks and all carry Zambia’s Seed Control and Certification Institute (SCCI) certification. Their range of legume seed currently includes soybean, cowpea, groundnut and pigeon pea. The company's head office which is located in Chipata, is responsible for operations and processing. Good Nature Agro also has a convenient base in Lusaka.

Crop farming

Good Nature Agro challenge the status quo of seed production by choosing to loan and train 5,000 farmers to produce their quality legume seed. The company is focused on continuing to scale varieties of legume that are high-yielding, early-maturing, disease-resistant, and ready-made for the export market.

Exciting new partnerships are set to continue getting new, improved legume varieties to more farmers, including beans, pigeon pea, and green gram. New varieties of groundnut will soon be ready to revolutionise the groundnut sector.

Farmers producing with Good Nature Agro are provided the most essential input-high-quality seed-on loan. For every kilogram of seed borrowed, growers returns 2.5 kilograms of their crop to Good Nature Agro at the end of the season. Growers can also opt-in to add additional inputs such as fertilizer, manure, or herbicide to their loan during the growing season.

Crop farming
Good Nature Agro · Crop farming

Seeds and seedlings

Good Nature Agro stocks different types of legume seeds such as cowpea, beans, groundnut and soybean. The seeds are available in packets from 2.5kg upto 50 kg. The company provides secure wholesale contracts and supplies to retail outlets throughout Zambia, with the aim of equipping small-scale farmers with high-quality legume seed.

Legume seeds are known to easily improve soil health, reduce fertilization needs, and increase crop yields. Below is a list of some of the legume seeds available at Good Nature Agro:

  • Cowpea-Msandile, Lutembwe, Bubebe
  • Beans-SC-Bounty, Kabulanga
  • Groundnut-MGV4, MGV5, Chishango
  • Soybean-Kafue
Seeds and seedlings
Good Nature Agro · Seeds and seedlings

Capacity building

Good Nature Agro conducts an outgrower program for legume seeds that give small scale farmers access to inputs, access to information, and access to a ready market. The company promotes and conducts training on improved farm practices and deliver a farmer-friendly loan of seeds and additional inputs.

Good Nature Agro recognises the importance of providing extensive trainings' for small scale farmers, which is why the company provides regular trainings' and personalised recommendations on how small scale farmers can make their field healthier and more productive.

Capacity building
Good Nature Agro · Capacity building
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