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Ingco Zambia Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia
Industrial tools and equipment
Ingco Zambia Ltd imports and retails professional and affordable industrial tools. All the tools and equipment at Ingco Zambia Ltd are manufactured by the Ingco manufacturing plant based in China. Meeting the demands of even the most rigorous of jobs, their comprehensive branded range includes power tools and accessories, welding machines and accessories, generators, hand and measuring tools, safety wear, air tools and garden tools. Find them along Lumumba Road in Lusaka.

Industrial tools and equipment

Ingco Zambia Ltd is one of the major suppliers of a broad range of industrial tools, machines and accessories. The company believes that top quality means not only great functionality and appearance, but also high efficiency and performance, as well as low maintenance.

Power tools Ingco Zambia Ltd offers professional power tools for the trade that meets the best standards in terms of speed, precision, and durability. The company supplies jig saws, hammers, nailers, routers, sanders, grinders, drills, sprayers, air guns and impact wrenches. Ingco also supplies a full range of accessories for its power tools that include discs, chisels, blades, wire cutters, brushes, standing belts and drill bits. Bench tools Whether you are considering outfitting an industrial or home workshop, Ingco offers you a variety of bench tools to meet all your requirements. The company offers the most common and versatile specialty machines you will want to have such as grinders and saws. Generators You will find a full range of generators at the Ingco Zambia outlet along Lumumba Road in Lusaka. Stock includes gasoline generators, inverter generators and diesel welder generators. Welding machines Ingco offers MMA welding machines, inverter MMA welding machines, inverter MMA /TIG welding machines, MAG /MIG welding machines and battery chargers. Welding accessories include carbon steel electrode rods. Small construction equipment Focusing on providing versatile construction solutions, Ingco Zambia offers a range of equipment that includes gasoline and electric concrete vibrators, vibrator pokers, plate compactors, tamping rammers, floor saws, power trowels, concrete mixers and diesel forklift trucks. Air tools Ingco Zambia Ltd also provides air compressors, air staplers, air spray guns, air impact wrenches, air hammers and tyre inflating guns. Garden tools Garden tools stock includes grass trimmers, electric chain saws, gasoline chain saws, high pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, gasoline bush cutters and lawn mowers. Water Pumps Water pumps include:

  • Borehole pumps
  • Dip hole pumps
  • Booster pumps
  • Automatic pump control

Hand tools Ingco stocks all kinds of pliers – combination, diagonal cutting, long nose, wire stripping, heavy-duty diagonal cutting, bent nose, end cutting, pump, rabbit, carpenter and curved jaw lock – as well as pipe wrenches and bolt cutlers. Lamps Ingco is one of the major suppliers of a wide range of domestic and industrial lamps in Zambia. The lamps come in different types including energy saving, rechargeable LED floodlights, portable LED floodlights, working lights, solar panel with LED lamp sets, LED hand work lights, LED bulbs and searchlights. Locks Ingco Zambia offers you the ultimate in quality security solutions by supplying a variety of padlocks that include light brass, brass, brass block and iron. The company also supplies double entry door locks. Measuring tools Measuring tools include steel measuring tapes, 1000 amp AC digital clamp meters, digital display measuring wheels and laser distance sensors. Safety wear Ingco Zambia stocks all kinds of safety wear such as working uniforms, respirators, dusk masks, safety helmets, auto-darkening welding shields, safety boots, latex coated gloves, nitrile gloves, safety goggles, rain suits and reflector vests. Industrial tools and equipment

  • Power tools
  • Power accessories
  • Welding machines and accessories
  • Generators
  • Bench tools
  • Hand tools
  • Lamps
  • Locks
  • Measuring tools
  • Safety wear
  • Air tools
  • Small construction equipment
  • Garden tools
Industrial tools and equipment
Ingco Zambia Ltd · Industrial tools and equipment
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