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Jamas Milling Company Ltd

Kitwe, Zambia
Processing and Distribution
Commodity buyers
Stock feed
Jamas Milling Company was incorporated in 1965 as a wholly owned Zambian company focused on mealie meal production with products such as breakfast and roller meal. The company provides competitively priced mealie meal to the staff of the copper mines formerly owned by ZCCM and also to the general public. Jamas Milling sources its maize from local farmers and traders in Zambia. They also produce animal feed for chickens, cattle, rabbits and horses.

Processing and Distribution

Jamas Milling Company specialises in the production and distribution of high quality maize meal including breakfast and roller maize meal. Products are packed in various sizes to suit customer preference. The company produces the mealie meal under the strict guidance of the Zambia Bureau of Standards.

Breakfast and roller meal are packed in various sizes to suit customer's preference. Emphasis is drawn on the quality of packaging materials. Jamas Milling Company products are always delivered and made available in durable bags that protect the contents. The company sets a strict standard for moisture content of the grain to ensure the quality of the product.

Target markets

Products are available to the retail industry, organisations and the general public. Jamas Milling Company promote traders in key areas of markets, who operate long hours and maintain clean and hygienic conditions.

Fleet vehicles

Jamas Milling Company operates a latest model which they maintain to factory standards to ensure delivery schedules. Tri axles and interlink configurations are available for loads varying from 28 tons to 35 tons. All vehicles are tracked by satellite within Zambia and all other countries. Reports on cargo movements may be provided upon customer request on an hourly or daily basis.

The company owns a fleet of vehicles capable of collecting enough maize to run the 120 ton mill continuously and the delivery of finished products to all clients. All deliveries are made within 24 hours from receipt of orders in containerized vehicles.

All employees are of sufficient qualifications and competence to enable them to provide the intended quality of service to the company's clients. The company adheres to legislation and regulations regarding workers rights and encourages staff to excel in their duties.

Processing and Distribution
Jamas Milling Company Ltd · Processing and Distribution

Commodity buyers

Jamas Milling Company source its maize from the open market, suppliers, traders and farmers. The company issues orders to recognised suppliers and once delivered, consignments are inspected according to a strict guideline as required by the Zambia Bureau of Standards. Their procurement is driven by quality, availability, planting season and price.

Jamas Milling Company source its maize from small scale and commercial farmers. The company source the highest grade of maize they realize superior performance starts with superior genetics. Their procurement is driven to consistently meet customer requirements with a special focus on product quality and food safety.

The pricing aims at covering all costs related to the milling of maize, imposing a marginal mark up to enable the company earn a reasonable return.

Commodity buyers
Jamas Milling Company Ltd · Commodity buyers

Stock feed

Jamas Milling Company supply nutritionally-balanced animal feed for almost all types of animals including No3 maize bran, germ meal and crushed maize. These products are made from the best possible raw material base using a nutritionally formulated recipe for high performance during the rearing and growth of your animals.

Jamas Milling Company offers high energy and low fibre feed that assists producers to meet higher seasonal energy requirements. The company is committed to working hard to deliver the best nutritious feed products in the market as well as meet the needs of customers. Jamas Milling Company provide competitive rates on all of their products, by providing quality products combined with quality service.

No3 maize bran

No3 Meal which is an enhanced maize bran product, rich in protein and suitable for farmers who prefer their animals to increase weight in less period of time.

Germ meal

Maize germ meal is considered a good ingredient for all livestock species. This is suitable for animal feed producers.

Crushed maize

For customers who own a chicken house at home, for animals including rabbits and horses.

Stock feed
Jamas Milling Company Ltd · Stock feed
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