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Kabulonga Shopping Centre

Lusaka, Zambia
Shopping centres and Showrooms
Stores stock a wide variety of products including groceries, household goods and clothing. Kabulonga Shopping Mall also has a selection of eating places, a butchery, chemist, bookshop, internet cafe and a university. There are two ATMs, a bank and Post.Net, cash transfer or receiving agent for local and international transactions. Kabulonga Shopping Centre has a university, offering a broad spectrum of programmes. Enjoy night entertainment, at the nightclub behind.

Shopping centre and Showrooms

Kabulonga Shopping Centre has a wide selection of shops that stock various products to meet your needs including foodstuffs, household goods and clothing. Enjoy meals and drinks from five eateries. Two ATMs, a Standard Chartered bank, Post.Net, a cash transfer or receiving services and Kenneth Kaunda Metropolitan University.
Shopping centre and Showrooms
Kabulonga Shopping Centre · Shopping centre and Showrooms
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