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Kapunga Transport and Removals Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia
Removals and Storage
Haulage and Logistics
Kapunga Transport and Removals provides a full range of professional removal services, including house, office, business removals and freighting of household goods. They provide packing materials as well as advice on the most suitable type of vehicle for the move. They also provide all the required materials needed for a move including dismantling and assembling of furniture before and after moving. Additionally, Kapunga provides material for the shipping of goods such as ornaments and other fragile items.

Removals and Storage

Kapunga offers a complete removals service, whether you are moving home within Zambia or relocating offices or business premises. Some of the services include packing, transporting, unwrapping, handling, dismantling, assembling and arranging. It also offers a freighting service for household and other goods.

House removals

House removals are usually door to door services. The company assesses and advises clients on the best vehicle to use.

Office removals

Kapunga Transport and Removals Ltd starts by conducting a survey to determine the time the job will take. The company provides all the required materials that will be needed for a move including dismantling of furniture and assembling after moving.

Business removals

These are services done locally and intercity. Clients are offered boxes before the actual day for pre-pack (if necessary).

Boxes and other materials for removals

Boxes, wrapping papers, bubble wrap, buff tapes and corrugated paper are available as follows:

  • Standard boxes: these are used for packing of shoes, spoons, plates, pots, cups, dishes, plastic bowls and glassware
  • Linen boxes: these are for packing clothes, suits, bedding and bed linen
  • Carton boxes: these are used to pack books, utensils, small ornaments and fragile items
  • Bubble wrap: this is used for wrapping wall paintings, wall pictures and all fragile glass items
  • Corrugated paper: this is ideal for wooden furniture, beds, and wardrobe and kitchen units
  • Black polythene: this is primarily for mattresses, sofas, carpets, bed bases and other household goods
Removals and Storage
Kapunga Transport and Removals Ltd · Removals and Storage

Haulage and Logistics

Committed to providing customers with the highest level of service available, Kapunga Transport and Removals offers professional shipping and courier solutions for all types of household and other goods. Their dedicated team have the expertise to handle goods moving rapidly and seamlessly.

Kapunga Transport and Removals provides exceptional haulage and logistics services of household goods. The company ensures that it ships its client's items safely and on time, taking care of all the work. Kapunga guarantees that its clients can save on time and money when shipping their goods.

The company's goal is to handle shipping services of all kinds and sizes. Kapunga Transport and Removals closely works with its clients, walking them through every step of the process.

Haulage and Logistics
Kapunga Transport and Removals Ltd · Haulage and Logistics
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