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Keg and Lion

Lusaka, Zambia
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Set in a warm and friendly environment this is an ideal setting to unwind with friends and family. Keg and Lion is an upmarket restaurant and pub that serves a wide range of dishes, alcohol, soft drinks and fresh juices. Guests can watch all popular international live sports on large screens. Have your meetings over delicious hot beverages and access high speed internet or simply relax and enjoy live music and entertainment from popular bands. There is an option for indoor or outdoor seating.

Pubs and Bars

Keg and Lion serves a selection of wines, cocktails, a comprehensive range of spirits, shooters and shots, the seductive allure of exotic liqueurs will delight you when the evening is almost done. Keg and Lion serve fresh and chilled, Mosi, Castle/Castle light served in their famous 2 litre tower Keg jugs with a tap.

Enjoy a great pub atmosphere with good food and live sport with over 7 flat screens showing all live games and multiple sports disciplines. Keg and Lion televise live football, basketball, rugby, tennis, athletics including local and international boxing matches. Their friendly and warm service staff will ensure that you have a memorable experience.

Pubs and Bars
Keg and Lion · Pubs and Bars

Casual dining restaurant

Keg and Lion has a stylish restaurant area, specially built to create a positive, family friendly atmosphere for that perfect sumptuous meal. The menu has a variety of delicious dishes and fresh juices. Guests can also enjoy a comprehensive range of local and imported beers, cocktails, a selection of wines, spirits and exotic liqueurs.

The restaurant can host up to a 100 people, guests have an option of an indoor or outdoor seating. Enjoy freshly prepared meals made from locally sourced produce. You will love the chef’s carefully selected prime cut steaks, served with an array of sauces and vegetables, excellent decked burgers, pork ribs, grilled chicken, hot wings, french fries, prawn curry with spiced rice and more.

Keg and Lion also offers a full range of hot beverages including cappuccino, flat whites, espresso, latte, coffee, hot chocolate and assorted teas.

Casual dining restaurant
Keg and Lion · Casual dining restaurant
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