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Kucetekela Foundation

Lusaka, Zambia
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The Kucetekela Foundation is a non-profit Zambia based charity that offers scholarships to young Zambians to attend high quality secondary schools from Grade 8 through Grade 12. The foundation works with Zambian students who demonstrate great academic promise but do not have the financial means to obtain a secondary education. The aim of the foundation is to open up a window of educational opportunity to bright young Zambians who otherwise would be unlikely to go beyond primary school.

Charities, trusts and societies

The pupils sponsored by the Kucetekela Foundation for secondary education are those in primary schools who have consistent test scores and recommendations from teachers, but a challenging financial situation within their families. The scholarship programme is a five year commitment.

Prospective pupils are required to fill in a detailed scholarship application, and then undergo a family interview and entrance exams. Successful students start their secondary education in Grade 8.

100% of Kucetekela Foundation students pass their Grade 9 and 12 national exams. 100% of students graduate from secondary school and 100% of graduates are enrolled and accepted to university and college. Kucetekela Foundation through its relationships with international colleges and universities helps to obtain scholarships for graduates.

Kucetekela Foundation students and alumni students are involved in many extra-curricular activities earning numerous academic, athletic and character awards.

Kucetekela Foundation is committed to providing each student with all the resources necessary to succeed. As well as tuition fees, the scholarship that each selected student receives also covers:

  • Books
  • School supplies
  • Boarding fees (most KF students are boarding students)
  • Fees for international and national examinations and tests
  • Uniform
  • Extra academic lessons if required

Partner schools

The Kucetekela Foundation places the students at top-performing secondary schools in Zambia. To date the foundation has partnered with four private secondary schools in Lusaka including Chalo Trust School and Pestalozzi Education Centre. The selection criteria for partner schools are:

  • High graduation rates
  • High international and national exam scores
  • Overall academic excellence and commitment to all students
  • Opportunities for a well-rounded learning experience including arts, athletics and other extra-curricular activities
  • Support and commitment to the KF program
  • Ability to guide and support each KF-sponsored student with a view to them moving on to tertiary education

Kucetekela mentorship program

The Kucetekela Foundation has established a mentoring system for the young Zambians it sponsors. Mentors are Zambians, or Zambian residents, who are willing to donate their time to the student and Kucetekela through periodic correspondence and one-to-one meetings with KF students. Mentors are selected based on their ability to be a positive, successful role model for the students, and their commitment to the program.

Student-mentor meetings provide the student any needed support as well as any other resources needed for their secondary education. The mentoring system provides the children with quality guidance which empowers them to grow in all areas of their lives.

The foundation helps to organise periodic meetings and events for all students and mentors, in order to cultivate camaraderie and personal relationships amongst mentors and students alike.

Work experience

The Kucetekela Foundation offers a unique internship program to all students. This is offered twice during their secondary school education. The foundation has partnered with companies to offer valuable work experience to the Kucetekela students. Organisations and companies that offer this epxerience to KF students include:

  • The World Bank
  • UTH Cancer Clinic
  • Legal Aid Council
  • Multi Choice
  • Protea
  • Worldwide Fund of Nature
  • Nkanza Laboratories
  • King Pharmaceuticals
  • Inzy
  • Showground Vet Clinic

Support the cause

The total cost of supporting one student for a year in the Kucetekela Foundation programme is $5,100. There are also a variety of other donation opportunities:

  • $100 pays for a student's extra academic lessons
  • $200 pays for events, including orientation with mentors and other social events
  • $650 pays for a student's uniform and books
  • $800 pays for a student's dormitory needs
  • $1,300 pays for a student's boarding fees
  • $2,000 pays for a student's tuition

Check the Kucetekela Foundation website for more details.Kucetekela Foundation key information

  • Five-year scholarship programme
  • Offers needy high-performing pupils a quality secondary education
  • Each student has a locally-based mentor
  • Work experience arranged
Charities, trusts and societies
Kucetekela Foundation · Charities, trusts and societies
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