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KVA Power Solutions

Kitwe, Zambia
Electrical contractors
Electrical supplies
Electrical services
KVA Power Solutions provides complete design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of all types of electrical works. The company offers a wide range of services including electrical maintenance, electrical contracting, energy saving surveys and reports, project management, in-house design and electrical consultancy services for residential, commercial and industrial projects. They also supply electrical equipment, electrical control panels and power factor correction and harmonics.

Electrical contractor

KVA Power Solutions is a full-service electrical contractor with all the capabilities needed to address a diverse range of electrical needs. The company is involved in the installation, wiring and testing of electrical equipment in commercial and industrial buildings. Their highly trained team of electricians ensure the highest standards.

KVA Power Solutions design, install, and maintain exit and emergency lighting, trouble shooting, power distribution, repair service upgrades, HVAC wiring, capacitors, generators, UPS systems, computer rooms, data centres, transformers, panel boards, switch gear and air compressors.

For industrial projects KVA Power Solutions offers high voltage splicing, high voltage primary transformers, machine wiring, motor control, motor starters, all types of cabling works including terminations and substations.

KVA Power Solutions contract management knowledge ensures that installations are undertaken according to schedule, within budget and are equally handled as important with a co-operative attitude.

The company works closely with its clients ensuring they provide value engineering, recommending the most reliable, energy-saving, and economic options for your project.

Electrical contractor
KVA Power Solutions · Electrical contractor

Electrical supplies

KVA Power Solutions specialises in the supply of electrical cables, insulators, termination and joint kits, OHL hardware, transformers and RMU's, lighting, circuit breakers, motors and distribution boards. All electrical supplies sold are competitively priced to meet the needs of different budgets.


  • Florescent tubes
  • Energy savers
  • LED lights
  • Flood lights

Circuit breakers

  • MCB's
  • MCCB's
  • Isolators


  • DC motors
  • AC motors


  • Armoured and earth wire
  • Single core cable
  • XLPE cable


  • Disc insulators
  • Pin insulators
  • Post insulators
  • Silicon insulators
  • Rod insulators
  • Slay insulators

Termination and joint kits

  • Cable joints
  • Termination kits
  • Heat shrinkable cable kits
  • Heat shrinkable transition kits

OHL hardware

  • Adapter bail clevis
  • Tower hook ball ended
  • Bolts
  • Stay assembly
  • Stay wire
  • Guy grips

Transformers and RMU'S

  • Ring main unit
  • Transformers
Electrical supplies
KVA Power Solutions · Electrical supplies

Electrical services

KVA Power Solutions offers high quality residential electrical services including upgrades, additional renovations, pool wiring, trouble shooting, building wiring, landscape lighting, street lighting, pump installation, air conditioners, service and maintenance. The technicians are all extensively trained with years of experience.

KVA Power Solutions team of experienced residential electricians will listen closely to your project goals and work to make your vision a reality.

All of their electricians are certified experts and are ready to help you with virtually any residential electrical service including installation, repair or replacement project. They take the time to get a complete understanding of the issue from their customers.

Their residential project experience includes custom remodels, new custom homes, and small upgrades and repairs.

Electrical services
KVA Power Solutions · Electrical services
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