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Leopards Hill Memorial Park

Lusaka, Zambia
Located on 80 acres of land, bounded by Twin Palm Road to the north and Leopards Hill Road to the south, Leopards Hill Memorial Park is a private cemetery offering quality facilities in landscaped and secure grounds, giving a tranquil final resting place for loved ones. The cemetery has strict design guidelines to maintain the beauty and serenity of the park. Dedicated professionals ensure the highest funeral service standards.


The nation has a deep reverence for burial rites and Leopards Hill Memorial Park is a response to the lack of dignified burial grounds. Leopards Hill Memorial Park is a landscaped environment including sections of irrigated lawns and 24 hour security-a fitting setting for the dignified interment of loved ones.

Leopards Hill Memorial Park's main entrance is on Twin Palm Road, with a secondary entrance on Leopards Hill Road. The park lies between Lusaka's Old Leopards Hill and New Leopards Hill cemeteries.

Burial sites

The cemetery offers various types of burial sites to suit individual needs and budgets, ensuring a less stressful interment process for friends, family and loved ones. Together with viewing rooms, there are lawn sites, memorial sites and family sites.

Price lists

Adult graves

  • Garden style family site (10) ZMW160, 000.00
  • Acacia Family site (5) ZMW60, 000.00
  • Single Acacia adult site ZMW35, 000.00
  • Family sites (5) ZMW45, 000.00
  • VIP Civilian site ZMW45, 000.00
  • Inner Circle memorial adult site ZMW30, 000.00
  • Horizon memorial single adult site ZMW25, 000.00
  • Horizon memorial double site ZMW35, 000.00
  • Eternity single adult lawn site ZMW15, 500.00
  • Eternity double lawn site ZMW20, 500.00
  • Cremation site ZMW14, 500.00
  • Sunset single adult sequential lawn site ZMW11, 000.00
  • Mazulo adult sequential single lawn site ZMW8, 000.00


  • Inner circle memorial child site ZMW9, 000.00
  • Horizon memorial child site ZMW7, 000.00
  • Eternity child lawn site ZMW6, 000.00
  • Sunset child lawn site ZMW5, 000.00
  • Mazulo child lawn site ZMW3, 500.00

Grave site special information

  • All prices are inclusive of burial and maintenance trust fees
  • Only a headstone is permitted on a lawn site
  • A headstone and memorial stone are permitted on a memorial site

Lawn style grave sites

These sites follow a contemporary styled burial site consisting of a tomb-stone in a concrete footing, within beautifully maintained, irrigated lawns.

Memorial style grave sites

Generally, these sites follow a European style burial site, consisting of a tombstone, a flagstone and a kerb. The memorial section is restricted to certain areas of the park.

Family grave sites

The family section allows more customisation than is available within memorial and lawn sections. Select this type if you have very specific requirements for the site.

Distinguished citizen grave sites

This is a reserved section of the burial ground for Zambian citizens whose service to the country has been exemplary and inspirational, such as achievement of formal, national acknowledgement with an eagle order of merit.

By honouring such individuals a legacy is left to encourage others to emulate their example. This is one of the ways Leopards Hill Memorial Park gives back to the local community, as well as to the nation at large.

Terms and conditions

Payments for selection sites to be fully paid by 13hrs the day before burial. Failure to do so will attract an additional fee of ZMW1, 000.00 as this will be considered an express burial. All selections done in sequential sites will attract an additional fee of ZMW500.00

Burials that have not taken place before 15:30hrs on appointed burial day will attract a penalty fee of ZMW500.00

All burials that take place on public holidays will attract a surcharge of ZMW1, 000.00, except on 24th October, 25th December and 1st January when the park is closed.

Bookings and reservation for burial spaces are only official until payment has been made in full. Management of Leopards Hill Memorial Park reserves the right to allocate grave spaces to clients whom are fully paid.

The twin and family site burial charges are to be paid at need. There are five burial charges in the family site, each at ZMW 1,500.00 per burial/grave. A child grave is designed to accommodate one a child under six years of age.

The at-need grave prices means the site being purchased is for immediate burial and the pre-need means a grave site(s) is being reserved for future use.

The park has a maximum occupancy of 10 burials a day and 5 burials per grave style, therefore; if the maximum occupancy of 5 for a particular grave style has been reached the client has the option of upgrading to the next available grave style or postponing the burial date to the next available day.

The families will be expected to pay a burial charge or burial charges for each site when they need to use any of the 5 burial sites allocated to the family site.

All memorial stone installations that are not installed by our approved list of installers will attract a fee of ZMW1000 for administrative and operational costs. Installations are to be carried out during working days MONDAY-FRIDAY, from 08:00-15:00. All installations that are supposed to take place the same day of payment will be considered as express and will attract a cost of ZMW1, 500.00.

All memorial services and installations taking place in the park will needs an early notification of not less than 24 hours.

All installations are to take place on week days only (Monday to Friday), excluding all Public Holidays.

The lawn style areas are only allowed to lay headstones at the time of memorial or when family is ready to place remembrance stone (including the eternity twin and family lawn sites).

The family sites and the other memorial design areas are allowed to put either headstone or the full tombstones/memorial stones.

All headstones and tombstones/memorial stones are to strictly follow design guidelines as specified by management and the burial right agreement.

Chairs can be hired at a cost of ZMW10.00 each upon request (e. g for memorial services). There is a minimum limit of 20 chairs to be hired and chairs are not allowed to leave the park.

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