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Lyndhurst School

Lusaka, Zambia
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Lyndhurst School delivers high quality learning opportunities that include day care and primary. The curriculum covers early learning and progresses through and beyond primary school. They have well equipped classes and computer and science labs. Class teachers work with a classroom assistant, providing a good pupil teacher ratio, so that there is ample scope for individual help and support. Lyndhurst School provides a sensitive learning environment where the interests and strengths of each child are celebrated.


Lyndhurst School incorporates Kindergarten and Reception classes. This school delivers all your child's foundation level requirements, maintaining constant, close liaison between the two classes, ensuring a smooth transition into formal education.

The school provides a secure, caring environment in which self-esteem, independence and the foundations of good social and academic skills can develop. The use of interaction and self-discovery allows pupils to develop physically, emotionally and socially. Teacher pupil relationship The school has small classes to ensure that teachers interact with pupils on a personal level. This supportive and nurturing environment allows pupils to explore their individuality and develop self confidence within boundaries of good manners and respect for each other. Curriculum and teaching The school curriculum allows pupils to learn from each other in a challenging but supportive environment. Pupils are usually taught by their class teacher, although some subjects, such as PE, Music and French, are taught by subject specialist teachers.

Lyndhurst School · Pre-school

Primary school

Lyndhurst School ensures that every primary student has the opportunity to learn and succeed. During this time pupils continue their journey with a more formal day, as well as focusing on core academic subjects. The school offers state of the art facilities that include science lab, computer lab, library and more.

At primary stage Lyndhurst School introduces History, Geography and Science, French, PE, Art and Music. As pupils move forward, teaching is carried out more and more by subject specialist teachers. Year one Focuses on key skills of reading, writing and basic mathematics. Science, geography and history are taught through topic based studies, which link to the children's art and creative work. Year two Pupils continue to develop their core skills, focusing on developing their reading, spelling and handwriting, and increasing their understanding of mathematics. Year three Science and computing are added to the core subjects. By the time they leave year three, the pupils are academically and socially ready for the next stage of their development. Curriculum The curriculum includes Maths, English, Science, French, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Information Technology, Music, Art, PE and Games. Art Art is taught by the Art specialist, giving pupils a wide range of skills and techniques. Fine art includes modelling, construction and design work. In addition pupils are taught the basics of planning and design. Music Pupils are introduced to a range of music styles. They are encouraged to take up lessons in playing an instrument of their choice (the school will recommend a particular tutor). Small groups of musicians and singers are encouraged to practice at the school to improve their talents. Information Technology The school has a computer lab where pupils learn foundational skills through practice. They are instructed on touch typing, information storage and retrieval, word-processing, spreadsheets, use of search engines, layout and design and more.

Primary school
Lyndhurst School · Primary school

Secondary school

Now offering junior secondary education, Lyndhurst School prides itself in providing the best education for all children. The school has small classes to ensure that teachers interact with pupils on a personal level. Their curriculum includes Maths, English, Science, French, History, Geography, Religious Studies, IT, Music and Art.
Secondary school
Lyndhurst School · Secondary school
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