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Marvel Book Publishers

Lusaka, Zambia
Printing and Publishing
This company publishes a full range of educational materials, as well as examination revision books and key facts. Books published are based on the latest Zambian syllabus, and deliver complete curriculum coverage at the right level, following clear and logical structures. They also produce French materials that are in high demand in schools throughout the country. Marvel Book Publishers' textbooks are compiled by a team of locally recognised educationalists and teachers, who have immense experience in education in Zambia and other countries.

Printing and Publishing

Marvel Book Publishers is a locally registered publishing house that produces tertiary (college and university) books, practical books in Integrated Science at grade 8-9 level, Chemistry, Biology and Physics at grade 10-12 level. They also produce French materials that are in high demand in schools throughout the country.

Marvel Book Publishers publishes examination revision books and key facts series in many subject areas for examination classes. Most of their books have been tested in Zambia and some in Malawi, Namibia and Botswana.

The educational books published are evaluated and approved by the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) which is mandated to approve all educational books in the country. Marvel Book Publishers' customers include all government and private schools, colleges, universities and the general public. All books are labelled with their logo (A+) which is patent.

Printing and Publishing
Marvel Book Publishers · Printing and Publishing


Featuring high quality authors, Marvel Book Publishers offers a wide range of educational books and magazines. The company strives to expand their influence as a local organisation that is widely recognised for helping students and educators define, support and engage in the development of highly effective learning systems.

Marvel Book Publishers is an independent educational publishing company that serves the needs of students and educators. With many years of experience, this company is well-positioned to impact the lives of its readers with up-to-date information and new solutions. All materials are authored to expand a reader's knowledge and develop skills to support their success, as well as inspire them.

Marvel Book Publishers is committed to making the Zambian education system work better. The company has had the opportunity to work very closely with professional associations of teachers and professors across the country to produce curriculum-correlated materials. Marvel Book Publishers's reputation as the leading publisher is grounded in books and other learning materials that are practical, positive and solution focused.

Marvel Book Publishers · Education
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