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Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia
Petroleum oil marketing
Petrol stations
Haulage and Logistics
Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia is part of a group that has presence in Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Botswana, Mozambique, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Congo. The company distributes high quality petroleum and related products to its retail and wholesale customers. Currently, Mount Meru has 36 retail out let stations across 8 regions and they plan to expand to 100 stations in 10 regions by 2030. Their fleet of tankers is able to distribute petroleum to any part of Zambia. Mount Meru is committed to continuous innovation and providing services that have a lasting impact on society.

Petroleum oil marketing

As one of the leading Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) in Zambia, Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia supplies petrol, diesel, kerosene, HFO, Jet A1, LPG, LSG, lubricants and bitumen to companies in various industries. This company is committed to providing the highest quality of professional services to its clients.

Companies in the mining, construction and manufacturing industry can purchase a wide selection of petroleum products from Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia. The company is committed to supplying businesses with quality products at a very good price as well as helping them grow.

Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia aims to be one of the leading Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) in Zambia. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation for understanding and overcoming the many challenges of the industries it serves and intends to keep doing it.

Give Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia a call for more information and find out how they can help your company.

Petroleum oil marketing
Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia Ltd · Petroleum oil marketing

Petrol station

Buy high quality petrol, diesel, Kerosene as well as a wide selection of lubricants from Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia's filling stations located around the country. Their petroleum undergoes strict and regular laboratory control, and is compliant with the regulations set by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) and Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS).

Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia has a great number of gas stations selling fuel and lubricants for motor vehicles at affordable prices. For its customers' convenience, this company accepts all major debit cards.

Since its inception, Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia has experienced many important breakthroughs: expanding its network of filling stations and market share in the fuel business.

Petrol station
Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia Ltd · Petrol station

Haulage and Logistics

With a modern fleet of over 30 tankers, Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia can transport its range of petroleum products to any part of Zambia. All tankers are approved by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB), Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) and Zambia Weights and Measures Agency (ZWMA).

Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia offers fuel transportation logistics services across the country. Services are directly integrated into their supply chain model, providing customers with real-time access to tracking information.

By maintaining safe operating procedures at all times, Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia is able to provide great value to their customers and keep employees as safe as possible.

Engage Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia for all your fuel transport needs. You can be assured that they will not take on any work that cannot be accomplished in a safe and timely manner.

Haulage and Logistics
Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia Ltd · Haulage and Logistics
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