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Mulberry Mongoose

Mfuwe, Zambia
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Jewellery and watches
Deep in the Zambian bush, a group of local women hand-craft jewellery and accessories as the elephants roam nearby. Every piece is made from natural materials from the South Luangwa Valley - think feathers, semiprecious stones, wooden beads and snare wire collected by local anti-poaching patrols. This is ethical jewellery that supports local families and saves local wildlife. If you want adventure and meaningful memories, visit them; or simply buy online and help raise money for local communities. Growing in popularity, this 'jewellery with a purpose' is worn by supermodels and quoted in international press.

Place of interest

Visit Mulberry Mongoose to hear the story of the women that use physical strength to carve, grind, hammer and shape each piece of jewellery. Learn how the craftswomen turn organic materials and semi-precious stones into unique jewellery by incorporating snare wire set down by poachers into their craft. Listen to the story of romance and hard reality, joy and adversity, history and a positive future.

Add Mulberry Mongoose to your list of places to visit on your trip to the Luangwa Valley. This is a workshop where an all female group of creative artisans handcraft jewellery using natural materials sourced locally. Mulberry Mongoose delivers an authentic experience in the untamed Zambian bush, offering an educative and memorable experience. By visiting and buying from Mulberry Mongoose you will make a meaningful contribution to local conservation and livelihoods.

'My experience at your shop was incredible! I was already excited about the wonderful work you do to help wildlife, but meeting you all, having the chance to do the process, seeing elephants outside the shop and having Sarah customise my earrings made this a once in a lifetime experience." Jordan W.

Place of interest
Mulberry Mongoose · Place of interest


Shop the entire range of handmade jewellery and accessories from Mulberry Mongoose online. Think necklaces, earrings, bracelets, key rings and gift bags and which made by local women from South Luangwa Valley. Every single purchase directly impacts local wildlife and communities.

Mulberry Mongoose only sells top quality Zambian products handcrafted by local craftswomen. Now you can buy eye catching jewellery that will be a talking point whenever you wear them. Mulberry Mongoose champions detailed design, locally sourced materials and hand craft to create stunning pieces. When you buy from this store, you will be helping to create sustainable jobs for local women supporting anti-poaching programmes.

Mulberry Mongoose · eShopping

Jewellery and watches

Mulberry Mongoose breathes life into locally sourced materials and turns them into handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelets, key rings and gift bags. This range is about celebrating local cultures, teaching technical skills, creating employment opportunities and protecting the animals of the South Luangwa Valley from poaching. With over $80,000 put back into local communities so far, buying one piece, a range for your shop or corporate gifts will continue this wonderful circle of life.

Mulberry Mongoose is always looking for new ways to turn locally sourced materials into jewellery. Their craftswomen are trained to hand craft the jewellery using basic tools, giving each piece a unique and rustic character. If you need a special product, Mulberry Mongoose can provide a personalised service.

Product ranges

Snare wire

Their most celebrated collection mixes snare wire collected by anti-poaching patrols with semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls and hand carved wooden beads. This is beauty from brutality.

African bush

From the land that keeps on giving, this collection, features driftwood, vegetable ivory and guinea fowl feathers, all collected from nearby.

Zambian heritage

To celebrate Zambia's cultural heritage and the warmth of its people, this range combines wood, semi-precious stones and vintage coins dating back to the first President, Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

Buying from Mulberry Mongoose

Buy online

The Mulberry Mongoose website is the simplest way to get your hands on this range that has such a positive impact on local communities.

Visit their workshop and shop

Make memories and fill your adventurous spirit by visiting their workshop, meeting the women and hearing their story firsthand. Lets not forget that South Luangwa Valley is one of the best safari destinations in the world - put these two together and you have a wonderful experience waiting for you.

Custom orders

If you need a special size or want to incorporate a special stone the ladies of Mulberry Mongoose will be happy to help.

Wholesale prices

The inspiring story of Mulberry Mongoose, with its ethical jewellery with a purpose works well in shops with handmade ethical, slow fashion ranges. Wherever you are in the world, the Mulberry Mongoose team can work with you to get their unique pieces to you so they can support even more wildlife conservation. Talk to the team about wholesale order, becoming a distributor or for unique and meaningful corporate gifts.


Your order will make quite the journey from its source in the South Luangwa Valley in Zambia. Two freight options are available whether you buy one item or many.

Jewellery and watches
Mulberry Mongoose · Jewellery and watches
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