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Munda Wanga Environmental Park

Lusaka, Zambia
Animal sanctuaries
Places of interest
Munda Wanga Environmental Park was originally created as a Botanical Garden in 1950. Munda Wanga Environmental Park was created as a private garden ('Munda Wanga' means 'my garden' in Nyanja). Today it is a popular Environmental Park consisting of a Wildlife Sanctuary, Botanical Gardens, Environmental Education Centre and a Recreational Village. Munda Wanga offers special access and support for people with disabilities or challenges getting around the park.

Animal sanctuary

The Munda Wanga Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a large collection of wildlife species. Most of these animals are endemic to Zambia. The sanctuary houses a large number of animals that have been saved from illegal pet trade, found injured due to poaching, or other types of animal-human conflict.

The animals are generally rehabilitated and then released back into the wild in an area where they will be safe. Mr Ralph Sander, a colonial civil servant, first developed the garden to include a sanctuary for new species to Zambia and a place where young Zambian sculptors and artisans could display their skills.

In 1968 the gardens were sold to the Government and a large piece of land was added and developed to house a collection of animals. The different animals are kept in their own fenced areas and the environment is kept as natural as possible. The sanctuary gives children an opportunity to see wild animals face to face rather than in books or on television.

Munda Wanga Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Open Monday to Sunday (08:00 to 18:00 hours)

Entry fees

  • Adults (13 years and above) – K25
  • Children (2 years to 13 years) – K15
  • Toddlers (2 years and below) – Free
  • Picnic fee (adults only) – K5
Animal sanctuary
Munda Wanga Environmental Park · Animal sanctuary

Place of interest

Boasting of exotic and endemic plant species, the Botanical Gardens at Munda Wanga Environmental park houses over 1000 species of plants. There is also a Recreational Village, an ideal place for a fun day out with family and friends in Lusaka. This venue hosts several events such as music festivals, and sports to keep visitors entertained.

The Munda Wanga Botanical Gardens are landscaped in such a way that various sections of the garden represent natural plant environments from different parts of Zambia and the world. The Gardens are open to the general public and aim to raise awareness of the importance of plants to the environment.

Schools are encouraged to bring students on field day trips to Munda Wanga. Every weekend special tours are organised to teach visitors more on the use of plants in everyday life. Through lessons and activities, children are brought in touch with botany and are given an appreciation for the plants that grow around us. Lessons also include an emphasis on the interaction between humans and plants.

Munda Wanga is currently expanding its Zambian collection of plants and is embarking on several projects in order to promote indigenous plants and trees in Zambia, particularly in private and public gardens throughout Zambia. There are also several education projects that are continually running at the Munda Wanga Botanical Gardens.

Recreational Village

Its modern facilities are open to guests visiting Munda Wanga. The Cheetah Bar serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Sports facilities like football and volleyball are available. Events are organised to entertain and include dances, acrobatics and drama presentations.

Munda Wanga recreational village facilities:

  • Braai stands
  • Jungle gym
  • Park shop
  • Picnic benches
  • Restaurant
  • Rondavels
  • Soccer field
  • Sports arena

Place of interest
Munda Wanga Environmental Park · Place of interest


The Trust at Munda Wanga Environmental Park has a vision to become a world class environmental and education resource in Zambia. The environmental education centre hosts over 40,000 children and teachers every year, providing hands-on educational programmes about the environment of Zambia.

Sustainable use of resources is a central learning point, helping ensure the natural resources of Zambia are conserved for generations to come. Munda Wanga offers lessons on climate change adaptation, threats to the environment, wildlife in Zambia and how to benefit from natural resources. The team of qualified staff are able to provide talks and activities to suit each group's needs. The education program is flexible and allows individual schools to choose their own topics from a variety of topics, like:

  • Wildlife biology
  • Medicinal plants
  • Trees

Visitors are advised to mention their specific interests when making the booking so the team can prepare relevant activities and lesson plans. The education program runs on weekdays only, from 08:00 to 17:00 hours.

Tour guide training

Munda Wanga offers teachers an opportunity to learn about Zambian plants and animals in a one-day tour guide training course. A certificate is awarded upon completion of the course. Trained teachers are allowed to guide their own school once they are qualified. The course is available at a fee of K100 per person per day. This fee includes lecture materials and lunch.

Pre-school children mini-tours

Munda Wanga is a large park so the team at Munda Wanga provides special guided tours for children under five years old allowing the team to give sufficient time and attention to the pre-schoolers. These tours are only available from Monday to Wednesday.

Munda Wanga Environmental Park · Environmental
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