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Mutinondo Wilderness

Mpika, Zambia
Safari camps
Mutinondo Wilderness is ideal for people who love the bush combined with peace and tranquility. Located in the middle of miles and miles of beautiful Africa, this wonderful wilderness is a great escape and refuge from the pressures of everyday life and reminds one of the true priorities in life. You can choose to enjoy a good book and the beautiful views from your open-air chalet or campsite or enjoy the hiking, cycling, birding, swimming, canoeing, mushrooming, wild flowers and wonderful miombo woodland.

Safari camp

The lodge has four chalets, bar and dining facilities. Each building in the lodge is unique with its own view and character. There are two standard chalets, a spacious and a family chalet. The chalets all have spectacular views and are named after the type of wood used for everything in them from window frames to the toilet seats.

Standard chalets

Mubanga chalet is an en suite double chalet nestled in secluded, hillside Miombo woodland. You can lie in bed and consider climbing the big Mayense Hill or just enjoy the view of it whilst you sip your tea or coffee.

Kayimbe chalet is an open, double, en suite brick and thatch cottage looking across the Musamfushi valley to the inselbergs to the NE and winter sunrise.

Spacious family chalets

Mulombwa chalet is a masterpiece. A spacious granite rock chalet set in the granite rocks overlooking eastern hills, sunrises and a sea of trees. The granite hill hugging design, view and separate bathroom with an enormous hand made bath and shower are very impressive. An extra bed can be put into the semi-partitioned section of this chalet.

Musase chalet is built to accommodate families or groups of up to five. You can enjoy the views or study the celebration of local rock art which adorn the walls. Rates for the chalets include early morning tea or coffee, meals, horse back riding and use of the canoes.

Safari camp
Mutinondo Wilderness · Safari camp


The campsite is set on the edge of a wooded rocky outcrop with a spectacular view from the nsaka offering some non canvas comfort. Cooking areas, comfortable ablutions with hot showers are well designed. The lodge is full catering and campers are welcome to have meals in the lodge, prepared by its enthusiastic chefs.

Mutinondo keeps the wilderness as clean as possible and therefore want to throw away as little as possible. Please take all your rubbish home with you. Vegetable matter can be thrown into the black bin.

Freedom and responsibility

We hope that you will feel free to thoroughly enjoy our wilderness. You can do anything and go anywhere as long as you take full responsibility for your (and others) safety and well-being by being careful and considerate of other people, creatures, plants and features sharing the wilderness with you. Mutinondo Wilderness asks guests to respect the wilderness and not to collect plants or pick flowers etc and not to leave litter anywhere but in the rubbish bins. Staff are an integral part of the development of Mutinondo Wilderness and are knowledgeable and helpful if you require directions, information or advice. Everyone in and around camp has a task to do. Mutinondo doesn’t employ “waiters and cleaners” and asks you all to help yourselves (and others), please keep the bar book up to date and clean up after yourselves. This will ensure a much better quality of life for everyone which we will all appreciate.


Please respect these resources and don’t waste them.

Hot water system

Please do not put extra wood into the boiler, this causes it to boil and result in airlocks which require a lot of work to clear to restart the hot water flow.

Special requirements and requests

Mutinondo thoroughly enjoys being surrounded by content customers. Please tell them as soon as you can if there’s something they can do, or need to know to make your stay more comfortable. Catering is pretty versatile with reasonable notice. Please tell them if there are any special requirements within your group. (e.g. vegetarians, religious requirements, definite dislikes, allergies, requests for nshima, favourite dishes, low cal diets etc..

Self catering

Campers can cook in the camp area or have meals from the restaurant. We don’t offer a self catering service through the lodge kitchen.

Mutinondo Wilderness · Campsites


Mutinondo Wilderness lies on the plateau 30 km west of the Luangwa Valley in Muchinga Province. The area consists of 10,000 hectares of privately owned land encompassing pristine Miombo woodland, massive chunks of granite inselbergs, crystal clear rivers to swim in and drink from and picturesque waterfalls and glades.

It is pure Africa just as it has been experienced for centuries and offers endless opportunities to explore and celebrate nature. Near the edge of the Luangwa escarpment, this pristine area protects verdant woodlands and wetland areas sprinkled with granite whalebacks, large smooth hills, crystal-clear rivers and stunning waterfalls.

Mutinondo’s flora is stunning, including many orchids, natural cycads and, during the emerald season, some of the world’s largest mushrooms, 85cm diameter is the record here so far. The wildlife here is good too, with a good variety of antelope, and recently lion and leopard have also been sighted. You can explore with a guide on foot, horseback and even by canoe.


Mutinondo offers a great variety of material and challenges for both the amateur and professional photographer: spectacular scenery, sunrises, sunsets, wildflowers, magnificent mushrooms and the very difficult Bar-winged Weaver for the really dedicated!

Horse riding

Riding through the Miombo woodland and along glades is a wonderful treat for the experienced rider as well as the learner. Two to three hour-long rides or a half hour hack to a special spot for a sundowner are equally enjoyable. Our horses are stabled at night and when they aren’t being ridden they go free range to graze where they choose. This makes riding out to sundowners possible because we ride out, unsaddle the horses and tell them to go home which they duly do- we then have our sundowners, enjoy the stars and return by car!

Swimming and canoeing

The Mutinondo Wilderness has a rare gem in Africa – a beautiful crystal clear river to swim in. It’s also absolutely delicious to drink out of! Spend a day exploring the waterfalls and pools. Swim or canoe upstream and float down amongst the water lillies, listen to the mutterings of the Olive-grey Bulbuls and celebrate a glimpse of the Ross’s or Livingstone’s Turaco.

The canoeing is extraordinarily tranquil and you can glide up to get a view of a Half-collared Kingfisher or an African Finfoot. Or just enjoy a day at the waterfalls with your thoughts and plenty of peace and quiet.

Mutinondo Wilderness · Safari
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