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Neelkanth Group Zambia Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia
Holding companies
Neelkanth Group Zambia is the holding company of the following companies: Neelkanth Freshfoods Ltd one of the leading manufacturer of high quality canned goods. Neelkanth Printing and Packaging Ltd is one of the manufacturers of peel and seal envelopes. Neelkanth Lime Ltd manufactures quality lime and lime based products. MM Integrated Steel Ltd is one of the manufacturers of galvanised iron roofing sheets and Infotech Business Solutions Ltd supplies office consumables and computer accessories.

Holding companies

Neelkanth Group Zambia Ltd is a holding company of several companies in Zambia. It is categorized under wholesale supplies to companies. The company supplies unique office supplies and stationery. With a presence in the construction industry the company also supplies building and construction materials.

Neelkanth Freshfoods Ltd

Neelkanth Freshfoods is a manufacturer of high quality canned fruit and vegetables that are primarily grown in Zambia and processed in accordance with international standards for Food Safety and Quality Management. Neelkanth Freshfoods has a strong distribution network in both local and international markets that include South Africa, Zimbabwe and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Neelkanth Printing and Packaging Ltd

Neelkanth Printing and Packaging manufacturers and supplies envelopes made out of vigin raw materials. The envelope manufacturing machines are from Wrinkler and Dunnebier, Germany the world’s largest and most reputed manufacturers of these machines. The envelopes are shrink wrapped in bundles of 50 with a top sheet giving details of the brand, size and quantity.

Neelkanth Lime Ltd

Neelkanth Lime has established manufacturing divisions that can produce quality lime based products that include quick lime, aggregate lime, hydrated lime, crushed lime powder, agriculture lime and limestones. The company has the best mines in the region to provide consistent raw material supply, The state of the art processing plant is managed by industry experts that include Senior Expats, Engineers, Technicians, Lab Scientists, Managers and a Skilled labour.

MM Integrated Steel Ltd

This is a leading manufacturer of galvanised iron roofing sheets, recognised throughout the region for their high quality. This company is unique in that it has its own cold rolling mill and galvanising plant in Lusaka, ensuring that their roofing sheets are high grade as well as being competitively priced. The manufacturing facility has a capacity of 4,000 tons with plants and supply centres in Tanzania, DR Congo, Mozambique and Malawi.

Infotech Business Solutions Ltd

Infotech Business Solutions supplies copiers, printers, servers, laptop and desktop computers, softwares, networking equipment and an entire range of computer accessories and banking products. Infotech Business Solutions has partnered with top brands that are trusted in the market these brands include IBM, Sharp, D-Link, HP, Panasonic, Eaton, Fellows and GUNNEBO. With a team of qualified, dedicated IT and marketing professionals with a long standing history of experience and knowledge, Infotech Business Solutions provides customer satisfaction.

Holding companies
Neelkanth Group Zambia Ltd · Holding companies
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