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Nelpats Zambia Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia
Construction equipment
Construction equipment
Wholesale furniture and furnishings
Nelpats Zambia offers quality surveying equipment sourced from reputable companies around the world. They have great deals on total stations, survey GPS, levelling lasers and other surveying instruments used in the industry. They offer a wide range of construction equipment that complies with international quality. Their professional team also advises customers on which type of equipment will best suit their needs. They are also provide furniture, furnishings and gym equipment for the office and home environment. They supply furniture that is built to last, and places great importance on customer satisfaction.

Construction equipment

Nelpats Zambia is one of the leading providers of surveying and construction equipment in Zambia. Although they source equipment from all over the world, their main supplier is South Surveyors in China. The company has a variety of total station series and a range of accessories.

Nelpats products include:

A variety of total station series including:

  • NTS-960 Series
  • NTS-360 Series
  • NTS-360/350L/350R Series
  • NTS-660 Series
  • S86-S

Nelpats provide the large display Windows 'CE.Net'. This operating system has a 3.5 inch large LCD display of 240x320pl, enabling it to show large amounts of information at a time and making the measuring operation easy and clear.


Nelpats supplies digital levels (DL-200 series) and automatic levels (NL series). These levels are useful to builders and large paving contractors who use the levels to assist them to set site levels and to determine elevations. The automatic levels NL series include:

  • G Style
  • A Style
  • B Style
  • C Style
  • D Style
  • E Style
  • F Style

Electronic theodites

Nelpats supplies electronic theodites such as the ET/ETL laser theodite. The ETL series is one of the most affordable and reliable theodolites on the market. It offers absolute encoding, with a laser beam that registers sitings up to 120m away.

Hand-held distance meter

This has a measuring range of 40 meters and an accuracy of ±3mm

Laser plummet

This tool is simple to use and easy to carry. It is shock proof, stable, safe and reliable. The laser plummet has an accuracy of 1/45000 and a range of 120 meters. Other laser products include the manual-levelling rotary laser, self-levelling cross-line laser and cross-line laser ML series.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Nelpats provides a variety of Global Positioning Systems (GPS). GPS enables the positioning of any point in a global framework through observations made via a network of orbiting satellites. The surveying community uses GPS for the purpose of measurement.

RTK S82-2008

This high accuracy GPS has dual frequency, BBSS mainframe, Bluetooth communication and an internal radio module.

Integrative and single-frequency GPS receiver

S66 is a smart, integrative and single-frequency GPS receiver. All components are integrated to a small mainframe, including cables, batteries, receiving antenna, etc.

High-precision hand-held data-collecting system

This is a high-performance sub-meter GPS with integrated SBAS and EVEREST multipath technology together with static and stop-and-go multi-function. It has an all-day battery.

Beacon receiver S30

The S30 beacon receiver adds the precision of real-time differential GPS to your GIS data collection projects.

CORS reference station

This is a high performance base station that provides several kinds of communicating interfaces.

Echo-sounder 28

The Echo-sounder 28 is ideal for hydro graphic surveys. It has unique features such as automatic or manual control, splash proof operation, water proof transit, heat proof design and universal power supply.


This is a high accuracy GPS with an easy operation system. It has integrated Bluetooth, a quality radio and an advanced battery structure.

Star S60

An integrated and intelligent GPS receiver.

A wide variety of accessories including:

  • NV03 (clamp type, for pole)
  • Fiberglass telescope staff (FGR)
  • Tps30 Topcon, used with Topcon
  • NV02 (insert type, for Staff)
  • Aluminium telescopic staff
  • AGR3/4/5
  • Reflector prism systems: Fibreglass foldaway staff BZ4, Tps30 Nikon and TPS12 Sokkia.

Laser products:

  • Hand-held distance meter
  • Laser plummet
  • Manual-levelling rotary laser
  • Self-levelling cross-line laser
  • Cross-line laser ML series

Surveying instruments:

  • RTK S82-2008
  • Laser plummet
  • Integrative and single-frequency GPS receiver
  • High-precision hand-held data-collecting system
  • Beacon receiver S30
  • CORS reference station
  • Echo-sounder -28
  • S82
  • Star S60


  • NV03 (clamp type, for pole)
  • Fibreglass telescope staff FGR
  • Tps30 Topcon – used with Topcon
  • NV02 (insert type, for staff)
  • Aluminium telescopic staff
  • AGR3/4/5
  • Reflector prism systems: Fibreglass foldaway staff BZ4, Tps30 Nikon and TPS12 Sokkia
Construction equipment
Nelpats Zambia Ltd · Construction equipment

Construction equipment

Nelpats Zambia offers a wide range of durable construction equipment that complies with international quality. The company supplies equipment to order, from reputable suppliers in China. The professional team at Nelpats also advises customers on which type of equipment will best suit their needs.

Nelpats Zambia is a reliable choice for quality construction equipment. The company imports most of its equipment from reputable companies in China. It has been servicing the Zambian market with superior construction equipment for many years.

Nelpats Zambia has an extensive inventory of construction equipment which includes:

  • Rammers
  • Compactors
  • Concrete mixers
  • Poker vibrators
  • Graders

Nelpats Zambia is able to satisfy a client's specific order by sourcing the items from suppliers in China. In fact most of the products are brought in to order, but the company usually keeps a stock of concrete mixers and compactors that can be bought 'off the shelf'.

Construction equipment
Nelpats Zambia Ltd · Construction equipment

Wholesale furniture and furnishings

The company provides all kinds of furniture to suit a broad range of tastes and styles. This includes fancy leather furniture, fabric sofas and a wide variety of office chairs. Nelpats Zambia also offers a selection of exercise machines such as tread mills and massage chairs.

Nelpats sources its furniture from reputable, reliable furniture stores in China. The company places great importance on the quality of the items it sells, focussing on supplying top grade furniture. Clients can buy furniture that is specific to their needs by choosing from the Nelpats catalogue, or from the furniture displayed in the showroom on Cairo Road, Lusaka.

Nelpats Zambia believes in forming lasting relationships with its clients and therefore offers its clients flexible payment options. The company has a team of friendly and efficient staff who are always on hand to help clients find exactly what they need.Nelpat offers

  • A full range of furniture
  • Gym equipment
  • Flexible payment options
Wholesale furniture and furnishings
Nelpats Zambia Ltd · Wholesale furniture and furnishings
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