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Nkwashi Estate

Lusaka, Zambia
Residential property
Situated approximately 33 kilometres from Crossroads Shopping Centre and three kilometres off Leopards Hill Road, Nkwashi offers stylish and affordable housing designs within a safe residential community. Developed by Thebe Investment Management, Nkwashi offers residential plots in various sizes to suit individual budgets. They all have paved streets, sewage reticulation and electricity reticulation. Shops and business amenities are close by.

Residential property

Nkwashi is a mixed use development with over 8,400 residential plots planned, as well as a university, schools, a hospital, several public parks, lakes, a shopping mall, recreation areas and a business park. It offers stylish and affordable housing designs within a safe residential community.

Advantages of choosing an Nkwashi Estate plot includes paved streets, sewage and electricity reticulation, communal services, and nearby shops, offices and recreational areas. There is a range of plot sizes to suit your needs and budget.

Plot sizes

Plots on the Nkwashi estate fall into four classifications – starter, basic, standard and premium. The plot sizes range from 335 sq m to 1,300 sq m.

Work at Nkwashi

The planned commercial precinct, available for developers to establish office parks and light industrial parks, provides employment opportunities. Residents at Nkwashi have the opportunity to enjoy the full breadth of human experience – you can live, work, learn and play within the estate.

Learn at Nkwashi

This wholly owned Zambian company provides residents with a university which once fully developed will have a capacity of 5,000 students (both local and international). This research university will include a 130 acre campus with sports facilities, and an International school catering for children from Pre–school up to International Baccalaureate (IB).

Nkwashi payment plans and home construction scheme

Nkwashi offers three payment plans – flexi, fixed and value. There is no interest rate charge on payment plans and no upfront deposit is required. The prices start from as low as K400 per month on the Flexi 5 year payment plan.

The Nkwashi home construction scheme can help you build your dream house. The first step is to choose and buy a plot, using one of the Nkwashi payment plans if required. By making monthly payments on time (at the very most 7 days late in a given month) for 48 months, you become eligible to be a member of the Home Construction Scheme.

As a scheme member, you may choose whether to self-build or, if you prefer, a house constructed for you.

  • If you prefer to self build, Nkwashi can help you get discounts on things like concrete blocks, cement, timber, windows and other building products
  • If you require a loan, Nkwashi will support your bank application by providing a letter of recommendation and supporting documentation

For more information and to register your interest, you can either visit Thebe Investment Management Ltd at 759, Independence Ave, Lusaka, send an enquiry below or contact the company using the details on the left.

Residential property
Nkwashi Estate · Residential property
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