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Nzito Furniture

Lusaka, Zambia
Furniture and Furnishings
Interiors and Design services
Building materials
Nzito specialises in the manufacture, supply and installation of top quality wooden products. The company has a wide product range that includes solid wood doors, MDF doors, windows, kitchens, flooring, furniture, decking, ironmongery and even custom made joinery, such as staircases, balustrades and shelving. Nzito boasts of five drying kilns and a specialised spray room – all aimed at facilitating the very highest standard of wood work.

Furniture and Furnishings

The Nzito Furniture showroom and shop, off Leopard's Hill Road in Lusaka, is where you can purchase inspired one-off pieces together with a range of soft furnishings and accessories. Nzito furniture is made from the best quality hard woods and more recently, some MDF creations, suiting those looking for an elegant yet robust feel.

When you enter the Nzito store you'll enter a world of wooden wonders, African inspired natural furniture, and wonderful smells of the wax and oil used to finish the furniture and creative designs. Woods used at Nzito Furniture are teak, mahogany, mukwa and other exotic hard woods. Many of the furniture designs you will find in store have evolved over years.

All the designs were created 'in house' and are exclusive to the Nzito name. The latest ranges have a cleaner more modern look, with the same quality and attention to detail. You'll also find a lot of ideas for gifts and home décor. This range includes tea light holders, ornaments, coasters, wall plaques, lamps and lamp stands, picture frames, ethnic jewellery, chitenge bags, tea cosies and cushions.

Nzito gifts and home décor

  • Lamps and lamp stands
  • Tea light holders
  • Chitenge fabric tea cosies
  • Chitenge fabric bags and cushions
  • Ethnic jewellery
  • Wall plaques and picture frames

Nzito Furniture designs and builds a unique range of furniture from naturally aged and reclaimed Dhow sailing boats in Tanzania. The range is exceptionally stylish, sustainable, full of character and perfect for businesses looking to make an impact. Alternatively, choose from their range of sophisticated teak furniture made in Zambia.

  • Tanzanian range made from reclaimed Dhow sailing boats
  • Hand made by Tanzanian and Zambian craftsmen
  • Suits businesses who want to create an elegant yet robust feel

The Nzito furniture range has become popular internationally and appears in safari lodges, hotels and embassies around the world. The range is perfect for creating an elegant yet robust feel that is inspired by Africa.

Custom made joinery

Continuous research and development combined with their know how and design departments enables Nzito Furniture to manufacture virtually any custom-made wooden product. These include office furniture, domestic furniture, restaurant furniture, wall panels, bars, staircases and shelving.

Production and delivery

Nzito works with a large group of nearly 40 craftsmen who make original pieces each time. Furniture can be made for one-off venues like offices or restaurants, or for a group of lodges and hotels.

The team is managed by Nicola Swynnerton who is able to gather specific briefs from businesses interested in the furniture, manage the production with the team she works so closely with, as well as ensure delivery. Supporting fabrics and furniture details are sourced from within Zambia and around Africa.

Large orders are welcome, but furniture buyers need to be aware of the fact that lead times need to be managed carefully since each item is made by hand. Product specification sheets will include an indication of the expected construction time and this will be confirmed when a firm order is made with a 50% deposit.

Nzito Furniture includes

  • Beds
  • Dressers
  • Tables
  • Sideboards
  • Cabinets and trunks
  • Desks
  • Seating
  • Book shelves
  • Accessories
Furniture and Furnishings
Nzito Furniture · Furniture and Furnishings

Interiors and Design services

Nzito Furniture can create one-off custom furniture pieces to your individual design specifications, bringing your dreams to life. If you have a design idea, talk it through with the Nzito team, and they will work with you to create a distinctive solution, with lots of discussion, sketches and even small models!

The design process

The design method used at Nzito Furniture is a co-operative process. Everything starts with an idea, either from an Nzito team member or from a customer. Sometimes designs are created in response to a special piece of timber that has been sourced. Lots of discussion, sketches and small models follow in order to make the idea come to life. A Nzito craftsman then carefully selects the wood to make the best use of its shape and character. The designs will continue to evolve throughout construction as the craftsmen adapt the design, responding to the wood and improving the appearance and functionality of the piece of furniture.

Hand crafted furniture

All Nzito's pieces are hand crafted. This allows carpenters to respond to the character of the wood, bringing out the best of its shape, grain, texture and colouring. Additionally, the wood used is sometimes recycled and often contains many nails and marks which can be incorporated into the design.

Upholstered sofas and chairs

The team is managed by Nicola Swynnerton who is able to advise on sofa and chair designs which use fabric sourced from South Africa. Choose from a huge selection of quality upholstery fabric.


Nzito Furniture has a division within the company which specialises in the design and manufacture of kitchens. Together with state-of-the-art computer equipment and years of experience, they are able to conceptualise and design virtually any kitchen required, taking into consideration blend, style, design, form, function and quality. Whether you want a modern, contemporary kitchen or a traditional farm house kitchen, Nzito is able to accommodate you.

Placing and managing orders

You can order one-off pieces through the enquiry form or contact details on this page. You will then be contacted and guided through the design and build process. Additionally, you can pop in store and discuss your needs at the Nzito Furniture shop in Lusaka.

Interiors and Design services
Nzito Furniture · Interiors and Design services

Building materials

The Nzito Furniture shop off Leopards Hill Road offers exquisite doors and windows made from beautiful kiln-dried wood, for both residential and commercial building projects. These can be customised based on clients' tastes and requirements. Nzito also offers QS solid stainless steel ironmongery and door controls.

The Nzito team is happy to work with individual clients for their homes. The company also has many years of experience working on projects for hotels, lodges and safari camps. Their doors and windows are ideal for houses as well as business premises. Nzito can produce customised doors and windows as specified by individual clients. Set an appointment with the Nzito team to discuss your particular building project and specific requirements.


Nzito Furniture offers one of the largest selections of doors in Zambia – including hinged, pivot, glass, folding, sliding and track doors. They are able to cater for almost any requirement or budget. Purpose-made doors and frames can be manufactured from a variety of timbers, including mukwa, rosewood, teak and MDF, according to personal choice and design.


As with doors, Nzito's aim has always been to manufacture a full range of the very best quality wooden windows from locally available hardwoods, at the most competitive prices. The range includes: hinged, top hung, small pane, full pane, mock sash, sliding and folding windows.

Flooring and decking

The Nzito product range includes solid wood flooring and decking which is supplied in teak, rosewood, mukwa or saligna. When laying a floor, the company incorporates special products and designs that help prevent moisture build-up from the underlying concrete slab.


Nzito is the proud sole distributer of QS Ironmongery and door controls in Zambia. The products are extremely competitively-priced solid stainless steel door handles and other controls – the best value for money option available anywhere in Southern Africa.

Range of doors

  • Hinged doors
  • Pivot doors
  • Glass doors
  • Folding doors
  • Sliding doors
Building materials
Nzito Furniture · Building materials
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