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Lusaka, Zambia
Printing and Publishing
Born in October 1986 in Luanshya, Zambia, Chisanshi Malama is the last-born daughter of teachers James and Kwilole Malama. Chisanshi is a Zambian writer with a Degree in Law. Chisanshi founded the blog Phenomenal Woman in 2011 to share her collection of short stories and poetry, and inspire other young writers. This has been a stepping stone for the publication of her books. She has currently published four books: 'Sweetest Taboo', 'Bigger than Love', 'Mercy' and 'Silent Wives'.

Printing and Publishing

In 2013 Chisanshi wrote her first two novels, Bigger Than Love and Sweetest Taboo. She has since published two more. Her style combines poetry and prose and focuses on spreading both educational and inspirational messages. Through a fusion of cultures, this young author explores issues that young people worldwide can relate to.

The author educates on issues of race, suicide, deceit, abortion and love – topics that resonate with young audiences across the globe.

Phenomenal Woman began in 2011 as a blog created by Zambian writer Chisanshi Malama. Chisanshi used the blog to publish short stories and poems she had written during her time at De Montfort University.

From a very young age Chisanshi was inspired by the work of renowned poets and writers such as Chinua Achebe, Maya Angelou and Virginia Woolf. She hoped that through her collection of short stories and poetry on Phenomenal Woman, she would be able to inspire other young, budding writers and poets.


From 2003 to 2006 Chisanshi attended Larkmead School in Abingdon UK where she studied Drama and Theatre Studies. Chisanshi chose to study literature during her A-levels.

Chisanshi went on to study Law at De Montfort University. During the first years of her law studies she found essay writing a challenge as her work would often be written in a wave of emotive language. In the end her lecturers allowed her to start her essays with a poem which allowed her to follow her train of thoughts and this greatly improved her grades.

During her time at university, Chisanshi attended poetry nights and published a few of her early works on various blogs and other websites. Her talent was noted right away but she did not feel fulfilled until she had created her own blog Phenomenal Woman.

About 'Sweetest Taboo'

The story revolves around a lady called Shekinah. She had the one time opportunity to have the perfect childhood. When Trevor enters her life, her whole family is convinced it is for the best. Apprehensive at first, Shekinah eventually warms up to him until he steals the most precious thing from her. In a world heavily dominated by tradition and ruled by men, will she ever be able to piece her life together again?

About 'Bigger than Love'

After 10 years in the diaspora, Melanie decides to head back to Zambia to explore new options and possibly rekindle her love with Ryan. But when her three month vacation turns into a living hell, everything Melanie holds dear is threatened, not only her relationship with Ryan but that of her precious doting father. Meanwhile Mutale, Ryan's best friend, has seen an opportunity to be the hero. Could a love that seemed to be written in the stars withstand all the drama, tears and heartbreak or are some issues just 'Bigger than Love?'

About ‘Mercy’

Chiboya a name meaning abandoned house is no place for a child to dream of calling home. Amidst the ambiance of a never ending gangster life, endeavours to offer a better life for her daughter. However, the friends she makes in high places come at a price. A price that may just demand her daughter's life. When friendship becomes brutal and trust futile, only Mercy can save them.

Future plans

Chisanshi completed her third book 'Silent Wives' published in 2014. Future plans for the author include opening a publishing company, which she hopes will give young writers the chance to be heard and have their talent recognised.

The novel Sweetest Taboo was approved in April 2014 by the Curriculum Development Center (CDC) as supplementary reading for grades 10 to 12 and nine. This recommendation by the CDC was based on the fact that the novel conforms to some norms of literary aspects and addresses important issues that are a menace in society today such as rape.

Where to purchase the books

Paperback copies of both 'Sweetest Taboo' and 'Bigger than Love' are available in Zambia through an agent. Zambians looking to purchase one of Chisanshi's books should email with details of their name, number and location.

Paperback copies of ‘Sweetest Taboo’ and ‘Silent Wives’ are also available online at Amazon and as Kindle e-books. ‘Silent Wives’ is now available in Planet Books in Zambia.

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