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Potato Bush Camp

Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia
Safari camps
Potato Bush Camp lies adjacent to it's sister camp, the world-renowned Sausage Tree Camp. With a stunning panoramic view overlooking the Zambezi River and escarpment, this site is nestled under mahogany, sausage, winter thorn and Acacia Tortillas Trees, which provide excellent shade. Potato Bush Camp is comprised of three well-appointed canvas and rosewood safari tents and also a 2-bedroom family tent, similar to the very popular Kigelia House at Sausage Tree Camp.

Safari camp

Potato Bush Camp sets high standards in the new era for small exclusive luxury tented safari camps! This African contemporary design perfectly balances the raw structural integrity and natural beauty of solid Zambian Rosewood and dramatically compliments the use of traditional canvas.

The entire camp is linked with raised timber walkways, making it slightly more safer than walking on the ground and also aids in extending the operating season in the Lower Zambezi National Park through to early January every year.

To complement the accommodation there is an open plan dining, bar and lounge area, which is accessed by all four tents by way of raised timber boardwalks. This also enables the camp to stay open from the 1st of April through to early January, when the heavy rains really start.

The “Boma” can comfortably dine 12 guests and there is a well stocked bar and two comfortable lounge areas for guests to relax and enjoy the stunning views over the mighty Zambezi River. The camp fire is well positioned under the stars, right on the edge of the river bank and is the only place one actually touches the ground.

Safari camp
Potato Bush Camp · Safari camp


Game drives are the most successful way to see a good variety of wildlife, both large and small. Visiting more areas, and witnessing the diversity of the Lower Zambezi National Park you can appreciate the unspoiled wilderness of Zambia. A larger area can be covered in a shorter time frame, increasing the chance to find good game.

Night drives are the perfect way to experience the nocturnal animals, including the elusive leopard, genet, civet, porcupine and giant eagle owl. The big cats tend to be more active at night and you may find yourself following lions on the hunt. Other common sightings include honey badger, African wild cat and even the occassional sighting of the very rare pangolin.

Led by highly qualified canoe guides, explore the banks of the river, where game can be seen from a totally different perspective. Canoe trips vary in length from one to seven hours however a one-hour canoe trip is a great prelude to an evening game drive.

No experience or particular strength is required – it is an effortless drift, as the flow of the Zambezi pushes the canoes downstream. This is a time to relax, listen to the sounds of the huge variety of bird-life and admire their sheer beauty.

Potato Bush Camp operates scenic boat trips using 6 metre aluminum river cruisers. Designed for river systems, they are the perfect boat for the Zambezi River as sandbanks make navigation on the water very difficult.

Potato Bush Camp · Safari


Potato Bush Camp has expert fishing guides and a range of boats to perfectly suit the real fishing enthusiast. The camp supplies all fishing euipment, but for enthusiasts who prefer their own equipment. The tackle and technique for tigerfish has been described as very similar to that of 'bone-fishing'.

Spinning for Tigerfish

The following is a guideline as to what to bring:

  • Medium – heavy action 15 – 20 lb spinning rods (6-7ft) and reels with 110 yd (100m) line capacity (2 piece rods are easier to travel with)
  • Wire leaders (30lb) are essential for Tiger fish, usually about 12 inches (30cm) long
  • Good quality sharp “Circle” hooks (3/0 up to 6/0)
  • 15-20lb good quality line, preferably abrasion resistant (bring extra)
  • Snap swivels and swivels (120 – 130 lb)
  • Repala Magnums (4-6 inches long): Colours change daily depending on the time, conditions, visibility, so bring a range to choose from
  • Spinners: Good for both Tilapia and Tiger, so bring a mix of small, medium and large spinners, with a variety of colour reflectors
  • Spoons (7-8 ounce): Good for tiger

Fly Fishing

The tackle and technique for Tigerfish has been described as very similar to that of “Bone-fishing”.

  • 8-10wt fly rods with fast sinking line (4 piece rods are easier to travel with)
  • 15-20lb tippets with 20-30lb short (4-6 inches) wire leaders
  • Tapered leaders are preferred, but not necessary
  • Flies: most commonly used are the streamer type with epoxy or weighted heads. Favourite colours are yellow, silver and red, black and silver, orange, white, chartreuse, yellow and blue. Length of flies range from 2-5 inches on either a 2/0 or 3/0 hook.
Potato Bush Camp · Fishing
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