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Precision Communications Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia
Security systems
Telecoms and IT
Computers and Accessories
For high tech security devices, Precision Communications provides a range of products, together with the professional back-up needed. Whether your concern is surveillance, metal detection or personnel identification, you'll find a range of solutions. It is also a leading telecommunications, IT and broadcasting company providing high quality products and working with proven electronics brands. The company also offers a range of competitively priced computers to customers together with installation and repair support for computer hardware and for associated software and networks.

Security systems

Precision Communications offers video surveillance products and accessories, together with security X-ray devices and mobile metal and bomb detectors. These security control solutions are ideal for use at airports, prisons, banks and other high security areas.

The company also offers biometric technology — an increasingly popular approach to personnel identification. These modern biometric systems can be integrated into your current systems relatively easily.

Workplace security

In order to guarantee workplace security, business owners and managers need to continually identify areas of risk and make the necessary changes to mitigate those risks. For many organisations, risk comes in the form of unrestricted access. Organisations that fail to implement measures to monitor employee and visitor traffic are essentially putting their resources at risk. As a solution, Precision Communications offer video surveillance systems, electronic access control and other devices.

Support services

This company has specialised customer support in place to respond quickly and effectively to customer's needs at any time. This support is provided through manufacturer-approved technicians offering their expertise at the company's technical department, or on site whenever necessary.

CCTV Catalogue

Precision Communications has added a new catalogue of professional CCTV equipment which includes the following models:

Weatherproof IR cameras:

  • DIS-688/689KIR-A40
  • KIR-A60
  • KIR-CK40
  • KIR-CK60
  • KIR-CNT30
  • KIR-CNT50
  • KIR-D40
  • KIR-D60
  • KIR-G80
  • KIR-KA100
  • KIR-NA100
  • KIR-NF40
  • KIR-NK40
  • KIR-ST120
  • KIR-T50
  • KIR-W30
  • KIR-W50

Dome cameras

  • 2.5' Vandalproof IR Dome Camera
  • 4.5' Plastic Dome Camera KDP-RT45
  • 4.5″ Vandalproof Dome Camera KDV-KR45
  • Plastic Dome Camera KDP-S25 & KDP-SA25
  • Plastic IR Dome camera KDP-SH20
  • Vandalproof Dome Camera KDV-SM20
  • Vandalproof IR Dome Camera KDV-CT30
  • Vandalproof IR Dome Camera KDV-SH20
  • Vandalproof IR Dome Camera KDV-SHS30
  • Vandalproof IR Dome Camera KDV-SHT30
  • Vandalproof IR Dome Camera KDV-V25

Vandalproof mini speed dome cameras

  • CK-V9016

Other cameras include:

  • Standard Box Camera KCB-B1
  • Smoke Detector Camera KHD-SD1
  • PIR Spy Camera KHD-SP2


  • 1 pc 8-ch H.264 DVR CK-A9008KA & CK-A9008KE
  • 16 Channel PCI video capture card
  • 16-Channel Compact CK-V9016
  • 1pc 4-ch H.264 DVR CK-E9004KA
  • 4 Channel PCI video capture card
  • 4-Channel CK-B9004
  • 8 Channel PCI video capture card
  • 8-Channel Compact CK-B9008

Colour screen fingerprint time attendance & access control systems:

  • ET-007
  • ET007V
  • ET-008
  • ET-009
  • ET009V

Security systems
Precision Communications Ltd · Security systems

Telecoms and IT

They offer a wide range of communication equipment and products, importing new stock on a monthly basis. Precision Communications also provides consultancy and training to organisations. They cover IT and Communications projects as well as Telecommunication and broadcasting projects.

Precision Communications stocks:

  • Two way radio communication equipment and accessories
  • V-SAT systems and supporting equipment such as solar panels
  • Cables such as UTP and coaxial
  • Power supply equipment
  • VHF, UHF, handheld and mobile radios
  • HF, base and mobile radios
  • Analog and digital repeaters
  • Telephony systems such as PABX, secretarial sets, single line phone, cordless phone and telephone line extenders
  • Masts – various sizes from 12meters to 30 meters high, other sizes can be manufactured or imported on client order.

Precision Communications holds the authrised dealership for well-known brands Kenwood and Atrexx.

Consultancy and training

The company also provides consultancy and training to Government organisations and NGOs. They cover IT and Communications projects as well as Telecommunication and broadcasting projects throughout the country.

Service levels

Precision Communications' mission is to offer a level of service unmatched in the radio communication business. Precision Communications is capable of delivering state-of-the-art turnkey communication solutions and customer oriented services. The key focus of Precision Communications is support to clients. They extend this support through:

  • Fast and reliable customer service
  • A high level of technical service by manufacturer-approved technicians
  • On site support via field engineers
  • Training in the field or at one of their specialist units

Technical support and installation

The company's in-house technical department is equipped with a communication analyser, modulation analyser, system interface, RF signal generator and other specialised testing tools. This equipment enables them to carry out the most precise work and repairs. The electronics team, which includes two electronic technicians, an IT engineer and an electronics engineer, stands ready to assist with installation and repairs within premises and on emergency calls.

Note that Precision Communications does not provide internet services, but the company supplies and installs radio and broadcasting equipment. They provide after sales warranty service support and back up on two way UHF, HF, VHF radios (handheld, mobile and base), phone systems and repeaters, and other specialised equipment.

Installation of WAN and LAN networks can be carried out, as well as the installation of radios and antennas for long and short distance, radio transmitters, solar panels in rural areas (for communication use), V-SAT Systems (C-Band, KU-Band), computers and wireless devices for internet communication towers, and PABX Systems. Precision Communications also manufactures and rigs communication towers, and various antenna brackets and housing for repeater stations and solar panels.

About the industry

Telecommunications and broadcasting play an important role in the world economy and the worldwide telecommunication industries. The founders of Precision Communications have more than 15 years of trade experience with a wide global experience and a broad understanding when it comes to design and implementation of cost effective communication solutions.

In broadcasting, radio signals are transmitted to distant sites for further processing or for broadcast distribution. This includes links from different locations to terrestrial FM or AM transmitters or satellite uplink stations. It also covers radio distribution through satellite systems.

Precision Communications regular clients

  • Radio Christian Voice
  • Supply of radios and accessories
  • World Vision
  • Manufacture and installation of antenna mast
  • Supply and installation of HF systems
  • Solar panels throughout Zambia
  • Communication link between cities across Zambia
  • Zambia Revenue Authorities
  • Manufacture and erection of communication tower
  • Supply of radios and accessories
  • Supply of PABX Systems
  • Installation of HF radios
  • Manufacture and installation of antenna masts
  • For Barclays, Standard Chartered Bank and ZESCO
  • Manufacture/installation of communication towers
  • Armcor Security
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of communication equipment
  • Radio maintenance contract
  • Supply and installation of CCTV systems
  • Sun International
  • Radio supply and maintenance contract 2005 -2008

Epertise in

  • Radio broadcasting
  • V-SAT and telephone systems
  • WAN and LAN networks
Telecoms and IT
Precision Communications Ltd · Telecoms and IT

Computers and Accessories

Precision Communications are proud of the service they provide and believes it has highly competitive computer products when compared to other outlets. They offer a professional consultation service prior to purchase and because they turnover a high volume of stock, they are able to keep prices down.

Computer supply

Precision Communications are proud of the service they provide and believes it has highly competitive computer products when compared to other outlets in Lusaka. They offer a professional consultation service prior to purchase and because they turnover a high volume of stock, they are able to keep prices down. All computers they sell come with a one year warranty.

IT solutions

Precision Communications not only sells computers, but also develops complete integrated solutions, including the design and installation of networks, software set-up and the training your personnel. They also have qualified technicians to repair and maintain computer systems, hardware and networks.

About the company

Precision Communications, situated in the heart of the Lusaka business area, is well established in Zambia. Since 1998 Precision Communications has provided the Zambian market with IT and telecommunication products and services to the highest level of quality and reliability.

Computers and Accessories
Precision Communications Ltd · Computers and Accessories
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