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Prime Villas

Lusaka, Zambia
Residential property
Prime Villas offers a comfortable and peaceful environment to a limited number of exclusive families in their high standard living space, where families and neighbours can spend time together. They have 4 and 5 bedroom houses and an entertainment building which has; a 16m long outdoor pool, an event hall where you can throw parties and organise your gatherings, bar, kitchen, gym, SPA Center (Sauna, steam room, hydrotherapy jacuzzi), a professional movie theatre and seminar room.


Your health is important to Prime Villas, without leaving your living spaces for sport, you can keep fit in their sports facility within the project. It is filled with the best strength and cardio equipment in the industry - all the essentials you need for a great workout. Prime Villas is excited to offer you services that support your fitness journey.

For the fitness enthusiast, there is no need for a separate gym membership when you live at Prime Villas. It is a 24-Hour facility that features interactive commercial equipment to customise your workout experience. With the many types of equipment, your workout can stay varied and engaging.

When you live at Prime Villas, there is no need to go to local gyms that charge extortionate rates. The management is passionate about fitness and the health/well-being of their residents. Prime Villas aims to make your work out session at their facility as pleasant as possible.

Prime Villas · Fitness

Residential property

Prime Villas gives you an opportunity to start your life in a wonderful location which offers a peaceful and comfortable environment. This complex shines out with its design as well as its ease of use and transportation. Each house in Prime Villas that consists of 12 villas was designed and located in a way to benefit from the sun.

With its location in the city centre of Lusaka, Prime Villas is as close as your neighbour to the president's residence, consulates, governmental agencies, trade centres, hospitals, shopping centres, golf club, gyms, educational institutions; in short anywhere you would like to reach.

The importance attached to quality and details becomes prominent both in design and in interior decoration where the highest standards are preferred. Prime Villas offers a comfortable and peaceful environment to a limited number of families.

You may either welcome your guests in the cafe of Prime Villas, organise small parties or have enjoyable time with your neighbours. By using the multi-purpose hall, you can either have movie pleasure or enjoy your time by playing games with your children.

You may relieve your tiredness together with your family and your neighbours in the private swimming pool, which will allow you to have a pleasant time.

Everything has been planned in this contemporary dwellings zone with high security. With 24/7 professional security, controlled vehicle and pedestrian entrance-exit system; new life of your family and beloved ones are safe day and night.

You can conduct your business 24/7 without leaving your compound. If you wish, you can carry your business environment into the house, thanks to a lot of functional architectural features included in the study such as a study room having fibre internet infrastructure.

Residential property
Prime Villas · Residential property


The only way that your body and soul may cope with fatigue of the day is to save a time for yourself. As a resident of Prime Villas, you can pamper yourself with the privileges of a sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi. This is a great way to relax and ease away muscle aches leaving you refreshed and reinvigorated.

After a long day and to relieve stress, Prime Villas recommends a visit to their SPA Centre. It offers the perfect remedy for fatigue, helping you to rejuvenate with a range of facilities that lift your spirits and soothe your soul. The spa delivers a magnificent experience of relaxation, renewal, restored balance and wellness.

Restore your energy and relax enjoying spa facilities at Prime Villas, these include:

  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Jacuzzi
Prime Villas · Spa
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