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Safintra Zambia Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia
Roofing materials
Safintra Zambia is part of the largest steel roofing group of companies in Africa, with access to the latest technology, professional expertise and quality raw materials. The company offers unique and quality roofing solutions and steel building supplies to consumers across the country. The company also offers a variety of quality steel building supplies to the thriving construction industry. It also provides roofing solutions to businesses and consumers. Safintra Zambia Limited began operations in Lusaka Zambia in 2006, importing state-of-the-art equipment from Japan and Taiwan for the manufacture of various types of quality roofing in Zambia. They produce roofing materials to international standards.

Roofing materials

Safintra Zambia has a large range of roofing sheet designs for consumers to choose from. It has also imported equipment to curve the roofing sheets in various shapes to enhance the aesthetics of building structures in. They produce roofing materials to international standards.

The company has expanded into the Copperbelt, with a branch in Kitwe. Safintra use and supply high quality roofing materials and tiles as this works out to be the most economical approach in the long run. Safintra has a countrywide distribution network. Consumers can buy their roofing products in Chingola, Livingstone, Solwezi, Nakonde, Mpika, Choma, Kitwe, Ndola, Mongu or Chipata.

Safintra has also taken the initiative through the Zambia Bureau of Standards and the Ministry of Commerce, Trade & Industry to institute standards in steel roofing with the objective of protecting the interests of the Zambian consumer. So far Safintra has successfully launched the following brands in Zambia:-

Dumu-Zas – the wonder malata

This is a roofing product for those looking for the most economical roofing solution available through Safintra in Zambia. Dumu-Zas the wonder malata has a special protective coating that makes roofing last four times longer than the ordinary galvanized iron roofing sheets manufactured in Zambia. Although the expected life of Dumu-Zas roofing sheets is four times the life of ordinary sheets, it does not cost four time as much. On the contrary, the price is just about the same as ordinary malata, at a maximum of 10% more. In addition, due to its more efficient heat reflectivity, Dumu-Zas keeps the interior of buildings cooler – an essential feature in Zambia. This roofing solutions has a distinct silvery-finish.

Versatile – the premium roofing

Some of the most beautiful roofing available in Zambia, Versatile roofing is shaped as tiles and available in nine different colours. This brand of roofing tiles can be tailor made in the lengths required for a specific roof. The paint is of special quality that does not peal off and stays fade free for a number of years. This product is the most economical in its class. Underneath the specially baked paint is a special protective coating similar to the Dumu-Zas sheets.


This is an economical version of Versatile, with an unpainted silvery finish which gives you the option to paint it at a later date or to retain the distinct silvery look for the life time of the roof.


This is a very cost effective roofing solutions suitable for institutions like schools, hospitals, churches, small industrial sheds and shopping malls in Zambia. It is coated with a highly weather resistant alloy of aluminium and zinc, givings the product an extraordinarily long life. This roofing solution is available in a range of colours, and customisable lengths.

Max Cover

This roofing solution is designed mainly for low cost housing. It is a stylish and modern alternative to ordinary corrugated iron sheets (malata), that lasts up to four times longer.


This latest addition to the Safintra roofing product range in Zambia. It resembles roman tiles, giving a distinctive look to a house. It comes in a wide range of colors and can be ordered to specific lengths. This profile is strong yet light weight, so the supporting structure can be lighter than normal, making it very economical.


An ideal roofing solution for industrial, commercial and institutional buildings, this design is available in silver or painted versions, and also in customizable lengths. The sheets are specially designed to be cost effective, with high strength and wide coverage.


Also known as IT-4, these roofing sheets suit various industries, churches and schools. They are available in both painted and unpainted versions.Range of roofing sheets

  • Dumu-zas
  • Versatile
  • Zamtile
  • Covermax
  • Max cover
  • Zentile
  • Trimflute
  • IBR
Roofing materials
Safintra Zambia Ltd · Roofing materials


For large scale building projects, compare the prices and quality of steel products from Safintra Zambia with other suppliers. All the steel products are imported and of high standard. The company is happy to prepare a quotation for your specific building needs on request.

The steel building supplies on offer include steel for roofs and walls, steel frames, steel vents and guttering, steel pipes, steel building supports, structural steel as well as steel cutting and pressing service. Safintra Zambia is happy to prepare a quotation for your specific building needs on request.

Safintra Zambia Ltd · Steel
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