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Lusaka, Zambia

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Established in 1986, Saro Agro offers an extensive range of reliable tractors and implements for farmers throughout the region. For all of the products it markets, the company has developed a complete maintenance package at its various workshops. Visit any of their outlets in Lusaka, Mkushi or Kitwe, for water pumps, irrigation systems, trailers, generator sets, solar panels and more.

Contact info

Buyantanshi Road, Lusaka
5284 Buyantanshi Road, Heavy Industrial Area, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 241477, +260 211 845675, +260 965 000051
PO Box 35168, Lusaka
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Engineering services

Saro Agro provides a comprehensive back-up service for all their products, supported by a full stock of parts. Where necessary specialized mechanics and engineers will carry out maintenance work on site. The company also fabricates high-quality fuel tanks and can carry out specialized engineering work on customers' request.
Quality engineering and maintenance support service
Full stock of spares
Fabricates quality fuel tanks and other engineered products to order
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Engineering services - 3

Agricultural equipment

The range of agricultural equipment available at Saro Agro Industrial showrooms is second to none, including Landini and McCormick tractors, Kuhn fertilizer spreaders, Kverneland chisel ploughs, Jumil harvesters, Baldan implements, Gallignani balers, Fella mowers and Jacto crop spraying machinery.
Landini and McCormick tractors
Baldan implements, Gallignani balers and Fella mowers
Jacto crop spraying machinery
Agricultural equipment - 0
Agricultural equipment - 1
Agricultural equipment - 2
Agricultural equipment - 3
Products and Packages
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Usha Knapsack Motorised Sprayer image
Usha knapsack motorised sprayer is economic for spraying costly pesticides with spray lance and spray gun, light weight and compact construction, high density polyethylene tank of 20 L.
Prisma 5000 Baler image
Prisma 5000 Baler
Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
Pick-up Width : 1,73m Plunger Speed : 100Strocks/min Weight: 1.460Kg Average Productivity: 400-600 Bales/hr Maximum Power PTO: 35HP Revolution at PTO: 540rpm Twin Box Capacity: 8
RDU Rotary Cutter image
RDU Rotary Cutter
Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
RDU ROTARY CUTTER No. Blades: 2 Cutting Width: 1500 Cutting Height: 50/200 mm Length of Cardan: 750mm Estimated Weight: 440Kg RPM on PTO: 540rpm RPM of Blades: 1038rpm Tractor Required: 73HP

Small holder equipment

Since 1986 Saro Agro Industrial has been developing its range of agricultural equipment for the growing small holder market in Zambia. In terms of available stock and technical back-up, its stores in Lusaka, Kitwe, and Mkushi provide a unique service to the small and medium scale farming community.
Hammer mills, dehullers, ox-drawn ploughs
Hand pumps, treadle pumps, ground nut shellers
Technical back-up provided
Small holder equipment - 0
Small holder equipment - 1
Small holder equipment - 2
Small holder equipment - 3
Products and Packages
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Rice Mill image
Rice Mill
Grain Processing Machinery
The rice mill is a machine used to remove the impurities from rice by removing husk and bran layers.
Oil Mill with Diesel Engine image
Oil Mill with Diesel Engine
Food & Beverage Machinery
The oil mill with diesel engine machine is used for grinding different forms of oil-bearing seeds.
Domestic Electric Motor Hammer mill image
Domestic Electric Motor Hammer mill
Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
The domestic electric motor hammer mill is used in the grinding of animal, pet, livestock, poultry, aquatic and other feed ingredients.


This company offers custom-built trailers, as well as water bowsers. The company practices quality control trailer production. One of the benefits of purchasing from Saro Agro Industrial is that it provides professional advice, backup service and a good range of spares. The company fabricates quality farm trailers at their own on-site engineering workshop.
Custom-built trailers
Quality-controlled trailer production
Bowsers for water or chemicals
Trailers - 0
Trailers - 1
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Trailers - 3
Products and Packages
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Trailer Water Bowser image
Trailer Water Bowser
Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
Capacity: 2000 Litres Chassis: 100 x 50 Rolled Steel Channel Drum : 1450mm x 1200mm (Diameter Track : 2.1 - 2.4 Meters Axle: 50mm Square Beam, 2.5 Tonne Hubs: 5 Studs Roller Bearing Tyres: 750 x 16” Complete With Tubes Rims: 15” Black, 5 Hole
Farm Trailer - 3 Tonne image
Farm Trailer - 3 Tonne
Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
Axles: Double Size: 5Ton Type: Dropside Chasis: 127x64 rolled steel channel Length: 5m Width : 2m

Power generation

At Saro Agro Industrial's spacious showroom you will find a wide choice of power generation equipment. The company stocks generator sets, diesel engines, electric motors and starters, and solar equipment. The Saro team will assess each customer's power generation requirements, then offer valuable advice on possible options.
Engine powered generators by Kipor, Kirloskar, Deutz and Cummins
Electric motors and starters by Kiloskar, Jiang Yang and Compton
Arranges installation and commissioning of equipment
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Products and Packages
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Solar Panels image
Solar Panels
Solar Panel
Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels are created from a single continuous crystal structure. A Mono crystalline panel can be identified from the solar cells which all appear as a single flat color. They are made through the Czochralski method where a silicon crystal ‘seed’ is placed in a vat of molten silicon. They have power range from 30W - 300W.
Portable Solar Systems image
Lighting/Cell Phone/Laptop Charging Solar laptop chargers typically have a wattage of about 5 to 21 watts on average. The larger the solar panels are, the higher the wattage. You also have to consider the charger’s surface area, because it’s a good indication of its charging capacity, performance and how efficient it will be at charging your laptop. The more output power your charger has, the more devices you’ll be able to use it for. To find out what the output power is in your charger, simply test them one by one.
Su-Kam Solar Maintenace Free Batteries image
SU-Kam batteries are trusted for performance and durability. Get dependable Sukam deep discharge batteries for your inverter. Sukam deep cycle batteries are high technology batteries for superior inverter performance. And when matched with Su-Kam inverters, you get the power combination for extended power backup and long-lasting performance. SU-Kam Power Bank series of Batteries are specially designed for optimum performance, very long life, and high reliability. These are eminently suitable for a wide range of applications.

Pumps and equipment

With outlets in Lusaka, Kitwe, and Mkushi, Saro Agro Industrial stocks different models of Caprari and Kirloskar pumps to suit specific customer requirements. It also offers Speroni and Mono models. For irrigation solutions, Saro has a range of sprinklers and systems, from small-scale models to sophisticated self-propelled systems.
Caprari, Kirloskar, Speroni and Mono pumps
Agrinet and Rotrix Rainmaker irrigation systems
Full equipment maintenance and engineering services
Pumps and equipment - 0
Pumps and equipment - 1
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Pumps and equipment - 3
Products and Packages
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Agrico Centre Pivots image
Agrico Centre Pivots
Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
Agrico centre pivots provide an incredible value for your operation. An incredible value featuring structural strength and long lasting reliability.
Sprinkler Irrigation System image
Diesel Engine Model: Changfa R1105 - 17HP Speed: 2900r/min Water Cooled Pump Model: 50ZB-55 Flow: 50m³/h Head: 55m
Drip Irrigation Kits - Gravity & pressure types image
500m² (25 x 20m) 1000m² (40 x 25 mm) 2500m² (50m x50 m) 4000m²(80m x 50m)

Motor bike sales

Catering primarily for the needs of the agricultural community, Saro Agro Industrial sells Jialing motorcycles and Lifan motorcycles, ideal for getting around farms or into town. For 30 years, the Jialing brand has been recognized as one of the leading makes of motorcycles in the world. Lifan is also a well-established Chinese brand.
Jialing motorcycles and Lifan motorcycles
Motorcycle models cater for the needs of the farming community
Professional advice, back up service and parts
Motor bike sales - 0
Motor bike sales - 1
Motor bike sales - 2
Motor bike sales - 3
Products and Packages
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Zongshen ZS150GY-311 200cc image
Manufacturer Zongshen Chongqing Group Also called Motorstar Xplorer z200 (Phil.) Hausmotor Rego z200(Phil.) Zealsun zs200GS (Turkey) Successor Zongshen 250 GS Class Sport touring Engine single-cylinder, four-stroke, 198 cc Transmission 5 Dimensions L: 2010 mm (80.4 in) W: 760 mm (30.4 in) Fuel capacity 20 liters (2L reserve) Related Zongshen 250 GS
Jialing 125cc image
Jialing 125cc
One of the most economical and easy to maintain motorcycles on the market. Great for deliveries and farm work as it performs well on or off dirt roads

Contact information

Buyantanshi Road, Lusaka
5284 Buyantanshi Road, Heavy Industrial Area, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 241477, +260 211 845675, +260 965 000051
PO Box 35168, Lusaka

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Other locations
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Location City
Mutentemuko Road, Kitwe
Mutentemuko Road, Kitwe, Zambia
+260 212 210793, +260 979 344041
Mkushi, Zambia
+260 215 352569, +260 978 167293
Buyantanshi Road, Lusaka
5284 Buyantanshi Road, Heavy Industrial Area, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 241477, +260 211 845675, +260 965 000051