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Shaka's Grill

Lusaka, Zambia
Casual dining restaurants
Located in Lusaka's Manda Hill Mall, this is a restaurant with a comprehensive menu that caters for all types of dietary choices.The restaurant setting is designed to give an african feel themed. Shaka's Grill restaurant is a great experience of true African soul service, renowned for its celebratory atmosphere. The Shaka Zulu story is that of a great warrior who initiated a military and political campaign that consolidated Zulu power over the region and created the strong Zulu kingdom.

Casual dining restaurant

This restaurant has family friendly prices and a special kiddies menu.The restaurant offers African cuisines, Mexican foods, sea food and a variety of vegetarian dishes. Meat lovers are not left out either as the restaurant features a griller menu of steaks, ribs, chicken, fish, lamb and pork chops.

Named after the greatest Zulu leader in history, Shaka's Grill prepares only the finest dishes fit for a Zulu king. Shaka's Grill serves large portions allowing guests to 'eat like a warrior'.

Shaka's Grill ambiance and service

Shaka's Grill exudes an African feel with African artwork and decor hanging on the walls. The colourful artwork brings the restaurant alive and includes shields, fighting sticks (induku), spears (assegais/umkonto), little baskets (imgcebethu) and women's traditional headgear (imqhele).

The service at Shaka's Grill is impeccable. In the evening, lamps are lit to give customers a feel of an African night during Shaka Zulu's reign and waiters and waitresses are dressed in colourful African attire and serve with flair, kneeling down in the traditional African way of showing respect whenever they serve a customer. Pleasant music featuring black African jazz, pop and mbhaqanga is played in the background. Shaka's Grill offers DSTV entertainment with 42 inch plasma television screens placed in strategic positions. High level management is always at the restaurant ensuring guests enjoy excellent service and delicious food.

Shaka's Grill food

The Shaka's Grill menu is comprehensive and caters for all types of dietary choices. There's African, Mexican foods, sea food and a variety of vegetarian dishes. Meat lovers are not left out either as the restaurant features a griller menu of steaks, ribs, chicken, fish, lamb and pork chops. Shaka's Grill has a fully stocked bar with a choice of soft drinks, ciders, wines and cocktails. Cocktails have interesting names such as Shaka's Spear and Nandi's Margarita.

Little Warriors club

Shaka's Grill has family friendly prices and has a special kiddies menu. There is a special Little Warriors club within the restaurant for children under twelve. Here you'll find video games, a trampoline, wall climbing facilities and much more. Parents can therefore enjoy a quiet meal while the kids play under the watchful eye of the Little Warriors club staff members. There is a membership card for all children under twelve. This comes with special treats such as a free soda whenever the child comes to the restaurant for a meal and inclusion into fun activities such as colouring competitions, play station tournaments and career guides for school going children.

Special events

Shaka's Grill is ideal for special events such as engagement parties, birthday parties, graduations, anniversaries, corporate lunches and more. The restaurant is open at 09:00 hours for breakfast and runs late into the night until the last customer leaves.

Shaka's Grill information

  • Open from 09:00 till last customer leaves
  • African oriented cuisines
  • Vegetarian dishes served
  • Mexican cuisines served
  • Serves sea food
  • Fully stocked bar
  • Little Warriors Club
  • Nappy changing convenience room
  • Ideal for special events
  • Smoking room available
Casual dining restaurant
Shaka's Grill · Casual dining restaurant
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