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Lusaka, Zambia
Solar and Renewable
Energy consultants
A registered trademark of Daybreak Investments that supplies a wide selection of solar energy products including solar panels, batteries, inverters and charge controllers. Their highly qualified team provides professional site evaluation, solar system design, solar system installation, monitoring and optimisation and energy management services. If you need Solahybrid's range of solar products or want to have a solar system installed at your home or office on a payment plan, they can assist you with flexible financing to harness energy from the sun. Make the smart choice, switch to solar for sustainable improvements!

Solar and Renewable

Solahybrid offers you a wide selection of solar equipment and accessories including solar panels, batteries, inverters and charger controllers. Their skilled team provides professional solar system installations. To help you get the most out of your solar system, this company also offers solar system monitoring and optimisation as well as maintenance services.

With Zambia and the region facing serious power deficits every now and then, solar power systems have become a popular choice among renewable energy options for many. This is due to the relatively low maintenance requirements and the long life of many of the system components.

You can also invest in solar where the return is free green energy by investing in Solahybrid’s extensive range of industry-leading brands of solar equipment and related accessories such as solar panels, batteries, inverters, surge controllers, cables, mounts and racking systems and brackets.

After making your purchase, you can engage Solahybrid to do installations anywhere in Zambia. Their team of electrical engineers strive to be in constant communication with you at all stages of your project implementation to ensure that they deliver to your exact specifications expectations.

Solar and Renewable
Solahybrid · Solar and Renewable

Energy consultants

Before purchasing or installing your solar system, you can engage Solahybrid for site evaluation, system design and energy management services. Their consultants are committed to provide you with the necessary information to help you select, design and install the best solar system to meet your specific energy requirements.

Solahybrid offers a wide selection of solar consultancy services for your on-grid and off-grid solar system installation project/s. Their team of engineers will first listen to your energy requirements and then move on-site to provide you with a solar feasibility study for your new installation or upgrade to an existing one. They will also help you with project management, solar monitoring system design, civil works planning, electrical grid connection and many more.

Solahybrid is committed to supporting your project from inception to delivery. Since its inception, this company has successfully served various residential, commercial and institutional customers. Their consultants will be happy to act as your technical advisory team for your solar project. They promise to give you reliable and unbiased advise.

Energy consultants
Solahybrid · Energy consultants


Are you looking for a solar energy system for your home or office on a flexible payment plan? You can get in touch with Solahybrid and find out about their various solar project financing options to suit your budget. Their solar financing team are experts in the solar energy industry and will be more than happy to help you choose the best financing package. They are committed to ensure that your financing experience is smooth and as transparent as possible.

Do you need a complete solar power system or single components such as panels and batteries but a bit tight on cash and wondering how you will pay? Contact Solahybrid today and negotiate the best payment or financing solution for you. The company offers attractive rates with fair contract terms to suit your budget/income.

Solahybrid’s goal is to make solar equipment affordable to all and also allow individuals and business owners to enjoy the financial benefits of going solar. With vast knowledge in the industry, this company has a strong track record in solar project financing and development. They will work closely with you to evaluate your energy requirements and financial goals. Their experts will then recommend the best option to meet your needs without bias to any financing approach.

Once your financing application is approved, Solahybrid will make available all the equipment and accessories in your contract immediately. You can also engage them to do the installations anywhere in Zambia. All works are done by a highly skilled team.

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