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Steeplejack Services Zambia Ltd

Kitwe, Zambia
Industrial tools and equipment
Building contractors
Construction equipment hire
Operating throughout Southern Africa for over 40 years, this company specialises in industrial chimney maintenance, heavy rigging, sandblasting and painting, steel fabrication and scaffold hire. Steeplejack Services Zambia has a goal to provide excellent customer service, coupled with expertise, professionalism and dependability. Their innovative and productive teams have provided solutions for some of the most challenging projects across Zambia and the region.

Industrial tools and equipment

Steeplejack Services Zambia has vast expertise in the movement of heavy plant, machinery or structures. The company uses conventional methods such as craneage or alternative methods, if cranes are unavailable, such as derricks and winches, or tirfors, chain blocks and rollers in confined and inaccessible areas.

Steeplejack Services Zambia owns state of the art derricks and all the other equipment needed for moving heavy plant. This is particularly important in demolition or erection projects where heavy plant or machinery needs to be handled, especially where access may be difficult for conventional craneage to be used.

Steeplejack Services Zambia has experience in all forms of rigging and has the equipment necessary for such disciplines.

No matter the undertaking, Steeplejack Services Zambia has the necessary equipment to carry out any type of rigging requirement. Where its equipment will not suffice, this company has access to cranes or, in many cases, customers supply the cranes for the job.

Industrial tools and equipment
Steeplejack Services Zambia Ltd · Industrial tools and equipment

Building contractors

Steeplejack Services Zambia designs, fabricates and erects industrial chimneys, structural steelworks and tanks. Their repair, maintenance work and demolition expertise covers all types of steel, brick and cement chimney structures. Steeplejack Services Zambia also carries out detailed chimney inspections.

Steeplejack Services Zambia uses its own equipment to sandblast structural steelwork, chimneys, tanks as a means for preparing surfaces for painting with project specified paint systems. Sandblasting can be done at any specified height. Where required, often in restricted spaces, this company can prepare surfaces using mechanical means and bosun chairs.

Steeplejack Services Zambia has extensive experience in refractory work – castable and cast brick, repairing brick chimneys and brick lined chimneys, boiler linings and furnace brickwork. Steeplejack Services Zambia has its own brick cutting machine that is used for brick repair work. As well as repair work, this company has extensive experience in demolishing brick structures and has done work in Zambia, for KCM, Mopani and Chambishi as well as projects in DRC and Zimbabwe.

Steeplejack Services Zambia’s expertise covers fabrication, erection, repairs and maintenance and demolition of all types of structural steel work. The company has many years of experience in the various skills needed to demolish or erect steel structures and can employ all sorts of rigging methodologies for such work. Structures demolished include storage tanks, steel chimneys, storage sheds and steel water towers. Structures erected include steel chimneys, storage sheds, telecoms towers and pylons.

Steeplejack Services Zambia's repair and maintenance work has been carried out throughout Southern Africa and particularly so in Zambia over the last 10 years. Such work covers the following areas:

  • Removal and replacement of steel sheets
  • Removal and replacement of structural steelwork on chimneys
  • Maintenance of lighting systems on chimney structures
  • Refractory brickwork, including formwork, to repair brick chimneys
  • Repair of access ladders and platforms
  • Painting and acid proofing chimney structures
  • Maintenance and erection of lightning conductor systems
Building contractors
Steeplejack Services Zambia Ltd · Building contractors

Construction equipment hire

Steeplejack Services Zambia hires out a full range scaffolding systems to the mining and construction industry. Customers that hire scaffolding from this company are assured of getting the best and up-to-date equipment on the market. Their team has the expertise to professionally and safely assemble various scaffolding systems.

Steeplejack Services Zambia offers an extensive range of cost effective scaffolding solutions to its customers on schedule. With vast experience in the scaffolding industry, this company has earned its reputation as one of the leading scaffolding hire companies in Zambia and Southern Africa.

Steeplejack Services Zambia focuses on offering complete, effective and superior quality scaffolding solutions. The company is dedicated to meeting the exact needs and requirements of its customers.

Construction equipment hire
Steeplejack Services Zambia Ltd · Construction equipment hire
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