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Suscon Construction Solutions

Lusaka, Zambia
Roofing materials
Building contractors
Building materials
This company offers a wide selection of construction solutions that include light steel frame and light steel roof truss manufacture and supply. Suscon Construction Solutions specialises in roof construction, general construction, housing construction, agricultural and industrial construction and project and property development consultancy. They truly deliver a wide variety of construction and fabrication solutions.

Roofing materials

Suscon Construction Solutions is a major supplier of a broad range of roofing materials including light steel frames and light steel roof truss. Using light steel frame as a roof truss construction material is the most viable, economical, durable and efficient method of roof construction, it has the lowest life cycle costing.

Suscon Construction Solutions has been supplying an extensive range of professionally crafted steel products since 2014. The company's product range is constantly expanding to meet a variety of construction needs. Light steel frame (LSF) is the core of Suscon Construction Solutions preferred building methodology as well as the main component of their specialist roofing system.

This company fabricates all the LSF components at its production facility in Lusaka or at the project location provided the project is big enough. Suscon Construction Solutions fabricate for its own consumption, for agents, contractors and for any other third party who wishes to make use of their products. ​

LSF is a tried and tested building material which has been used in many parts of the world for over 30 years. The versatility of LSF means that it is suitable for use in many applications. In conjunction with other materials a wide range of prefabricated and client tailored offerings is possible. ​ ​

Typically, a building or structure design is recreated or designed in 3D on our specialised engineering software. Once the design passes the engineering and structural requirements it is fabricated. Some of their clients provide them with their own designs for fabrication.

The LSF is made from slit coil that is hot dip galvanised, zinc coated or 55% zinc aluminium alloy coated. It comes in the following thicknesses 0.58 mm, 0.80 mm and 1.00 mm. Suscon Construction Solutions core profile has an overall dimension of 90 x 37 mm, it is often mistaken for aluminium. ​

Production tolerances of 1 mm over 15 m mean that structures built from LSF are factory accurate. The lightweight nature of the LSF also means that no or limited heavy lifting equipment is required when assembling on site, fast error free construction is now possible. The material and lightweight nature of LSF lends itself to creating an industry that is more inclusive of women. Training in the use and installation of LSF is simple and community employment schemes on large projects are more than ever a reality. ​

Suscon Construction Solutions LSF design team is able to work closely with clients to ensure that they are provided a product that meets their exact requirements. The company is currently supplying and providing its services to clients in Zambia, DRC and Malawi.

Roofing materials
Suscon Construction Solutions · Roofing materials

Building contractors

Suscon Construction Solutions offers a full range of building solutions that include specialised roof construction, general construction, housing construction, as well as agricultural and industrial construction. Suscon Construction Solutions uses either conventional or alternative building materials and methodologies.

At Suscon Construction Solutions, every client receives the same high standard of customer service. The company is renowned for the professionalism and helpfulness of their staff. This company offers a competitive pricing policy that guarantees its clients to get value for their money.

Suscon ensures that it uses the best materials on the market to deliver world class workmanship.

This company uses fast track contracting techniques incorporating its Suscon Construction System™ to greatly reduce project duration. Whether it is residential or commercial building project, Suscon Construction Solutions has the capacity and expertise to do the job.

Building contractors
Suscon Construction Solutions · Building contractors

Building materials

Along with roofing and construction, Suscon Construction Solutions offers specialist pre-fabrication, sheds and storage units, refugee/emergency housing, military camps, schools, clinics, community centres and aerated lightweight concrete. Every project is designed specifically to suit clients requirements.

Over the years, Suscon Construction Solutions has acquired a wide variety of construction experience. This has made the company capable of providing each client with a pleasant experience and quality product delivered turnkey.

Suscon Construction Solutions also provides custom construction solutions in order to make its clients' ideas a reality. Suscon Construction Solutions pride themselves on being able to deliver a seamless design and construction process. This company takes time to understand its clients requirements and then collaboratively puts a plan in place to ensure that they deliver on the required expectations.

Building materials
Suscon Construction Solutions · Building materials
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