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Tracker Zambia Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia
Vehicle security and tracking
Tracker Zambia (formerly Jambo Tracking) offers dedicated fleet management and vehicle tracking. It recommends and stocks TomTom location and navigation products, for optimised vehicle utilisation. The company aims to be the most sought after service provider for fleet management and related services – in Zambia and in the region. Customer service is an integral part of the company.

Vehicle security and tracking

Tracker Zambia is a fully registered Zambian company committed to providing the Zambian market with technological products and services that promise quality and reliability in fleet management and tracking. Company policy is to provide products and installation, alongside dependable after-sale services.

Tracker Zambia focuses on new technologies to keep the compan on top of its game in terms of innovation. It has partnered with trusted international companies like Telocation Ltd and Cyber Trace Limited to make this possible. Tracker Zambia is the exclusive distributor of Telocation products and services in Zambia.

Technical support and customer care

The company has a dedicated team offering training and orientation to clients once devices have been installed and configured on vehicles. This team is also committed to providing an after sales warranty service and backup.

Live vehicle tracking

Using a web based application, the Jambo tracking service enables you to track and monitor vehicles 24/7. One tracking device (jambo live) unit is installed per vehicle. Each unit is installed with a gsm/gprs data card that is uniquely designed to communicate with the Jambo tracking servers. These then convert the messages into GPS coordinates which appear on the users web based application screen. These devices communicate in real time, enabling cutting edge LIVE vehicle tracking in Zambia and beyond.

Fleet management

Using Tracker Zambia’s services, fleet management is the logical next level from its live vehicle tracking service. Its fleet management services includes:

  • Health and safety efficiency
  • Outsource fleet management which reduces workload of transport and logistics officers
  • Increased productivity as a result of a reduction in overall transportation and staff costs
  • Speed management
  • Vehicle telemetrics (tracking and diagnostics)

Satellite tracking

Tracker Zambia provides satellite tracking for vehicles that are constantly moving across borders. These devices use an intelligent switching technology, that changes from the GSM platform to satellite, when the vehicle is outside coverage area. These units are exactly the same as the units used for vehicle tracking and fleet management, except these work across borders, with no signal drop.

Asset tracking

In addition to vehicles, this company provides a service for the tracking of personnel and company assets such as mobile generators and other battery powered equipment. It plans to expand this service and is currently testing container tracking, smart phone and laptop tracking. Benefits of this service include:

  • Tracking of assets physical location via GPS
  • Control of abuse of equipment that is out in the field
  • Controlled working hours of field workers
  • Full control of workforce

Unlike some of its competitors, Tracker Zambia has specialised in vehicle tracking and fleet management services. This being their sole business, they have built expertise in this area providing a tailor made after sales service that is client oriented, from payment plan models to external fleet management help plan. They also create an ongoing client-business relationship which makes them business partners you can count on.

Offices are open from Monday – Friday (08:00 – 17:00) but the company also provide clients with a 24 hour control centre support line and an internet based monitoring application which clients can use to track the whereabouts of their vehicles.

TomTom device stockists

Tracker Zambia now stocks TomTom devices, facilitating two-way communication and tracking of vehicles. It is partnering with TomTom, one of world's leading suppliers of location and navigation products and services. Since 2014 Tracker Zambia has been the authorised dealer of TomTom products in Zambia.

TomTom devices available include:

  • The TomTom LINK 510: a small device that can be quickly installed into any car, van or truck. It uses GPS/GSM technologies to communicate between the vehicle and the office, providing a wealth of tracking, tracing and reporting information in real-time. All of this information can be viewed on a secure online fleet management system, which presents the data clearly through standard reports and dashboards.
  • The TomTom PRO 7100: your perfect partner on the road. Designed to save businesses time and money, this easy-to-use device helps your drivers perform at their best and stay safe behind the wheel.

Key information

  • Asset tracking
  • Fleet management
  • Satellite tracking
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Supplier of TomTom devices

Jambo Tracking clients

  • Afdud Transport
  • Bert Motors
  • Chimsoro Transport
  • Davis and Shirtliff
  • Diedel Civils Mining Company Ltd
  • Exceed Communication
  • Food and Agriculture Organization
  • Johabie Sleeping Coaches
  • Pamorge Impex Ltd
  • Rapid Freight (MARS Logistics)
  • Road Transport and Safety Agency
  • Scania Solutions (Hazida Motors) Ltd
  • Tabwelanso Holdings Ltd
Vehicle security and tracking
Tracker Zambia Ltd · Vehicle security and tracking
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