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Trident Preparatory School Solwezi

Solwezi, Zambia
Primary schools
This school offers exclusive pre-school and primary school teaching services. Trident Preparatory School Solwezi uses the best British and South African independent school tradition and aims to provide an outstanding holistic education to its pupils. The school equips its children with an excellent academic grounding and quality character that will see them well through life. Trident Preparatory School Solwezi has a high ratio of adult to children, enabling it to concentrate on every pupil.


Trident Preparatory School Solwezi offers pre-school programs for children aged between two and five years old. The school aims to create a creative, caring and happy learning environment. Their well-trained staff work closely with each child and parent to create a joint understanding of the child's needs.

Early Years

This is the first two years of the child's schooling, namely Nursery and Reception. In these classes your child can expect to make friends and have a lot of fun. The curriculum is based on the Early Years and Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. All learning is topic based and surrounds a central theme. There is an emphasis on socialisation, physical and language development, therefore 'play' is an integral part of the learning in these year groups.

Trident Preparatory School Solwezi has a large outdoor play area and lots of cars, trucks and cycle for the children to play with. In addition to this, in the summer months there is 'water play' and 'sand play' in the winter months.

Children develop when their learning experiences are fueled by a spirit of adventure, within and beyond the curriculum. Trident Preparatory School Solwezi offers a happy, calm and safe environment which is also stimulating and fun. Trident Preparatory School Solwezi understands each child is unique, and a well rounded education must take into account their wider experiences, personal motivation and innate learning styles.

Trident Preparatory School Solwezi provides a high ratio of adult to children enabling concentration on every child as an individual. The school provides personalised learning throughout the school and all pupils have access to a sustained, first class teaching.

School hours

Nursery - from 7am – 12:30 hrs

Early Years - 07:20 to 12:30 hrs

KS1 and KS2 07:20 to 13:30 hrs and 14:30 when there are afternoon activities

Trident Preparatory School Solwezi · Pre-school

Primary school

Trident Preparatory School Solwezi offers quality primary school classes that are tailored to give its pupils a great start in their education. Believing that every pupil is unique, this school provides a comprehensive education while taking into account their wider experiences, personal motivation and inherent learning styles.

Trident Preparatory School Solwezi is a multi-cultural, co-educational primary school situated in the heart of the community. The school provides excellent teaching and learning, with a value system that is firmly based in a Christian ethos.

At Trident Preparatory School Solwezi, the children love to learn, therefore the school fosters this love of learning through a broad curricula. The Cambridge International primary curriculum covers the knowledge and skills needed for literacy, numeracy and science. The International primary curriculum covers the other subjects, through a cross-curricular topic based approach. The focus is on skills acquisition through enquiry, investigation and teamwork.

  • Key Stage One - in these years Trident Preparatory School Solwezi build on the learning done in the Early Years department and children begin to learn in a more formal way. They continue to learn French, music, art and do PE with the specialist subject teachers.
  • Key Stage Two - this phase consists of year 3, 4, 5 and 6. In these year groups, children can expect to learn through enquiry, investigation and collaboration with their peers. Literacy and numeracy lessons are skills based and are reinforced through a weekly homework menu. They will have a choice to complete everything that is on the menu during the course of a week.

Trident Preparatory School Solwezi are a one form entry school and class sizes range from 7 to 26.

The idea of thinking of others before oneself is embedded into the curriculum. Through the teaching of tolerance, respect and understanding the school celebrates a wonderful diversity of cultures. Trident Preparatory School Solwezi aims to equip children, not only with an excellent academic grounding, but also with qualities of character to see them through their lives beyond school.

Among, Trident Preparatory School Solwezi's greatest achievement is the ability to help pupils discover their own passion and interests that add a new dimension to their lives. The school has quality teachers in every year group supporting and extending the learning for all pupils.


Trident Preparatory School Solwezi offers boarding on the Trident College site with a junior boarding master who lives on site and interacts with the prep boarders on a daily basis.


Head of School: Kirsten Lightfoot

email: Kirsten.Lightfoot@educoreservices.com

School Administrator: Sheila Mulenga

email: TridentPrepSOL@educoreservices.com

Primary school
Trident Preparatory School Solwezi · Primary school
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