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Tuntulu Coaching

Lusaka, Zambia
Business consultants
Tuntulu Coaching is a professional company that is based in Lusaka with a vision to become a market leader and a catalyst in positively transforming individuals, organisations as well as the country and the continent for greater end results. It has a deep understanding of the Zambian development. Tuntulu Coaching clients include individuals, developing country governments, organisations from the private sector and civil society across Africa.

Business consultants

Tuntulu Coaching's approach and methodologies are grounded by years of experience in public and the private sector. This company understands the impact of culture and socialisation on positive and negative results. They build soft skills to impact these services.

Tuntulu Coaching is well-known for support of personal growth, leadership development, management development, staff engagement, change management and effective internal and external communication through coaching and participatory training.

Organisational coaching

Tuntulu Coaching does business across borders and cultures in Africa which comes with all sorts of challenges. Their expertise lies in soft skills development for managers to become effective across the borders and various organisational cultures. They know how how to develop talent that can consistently generate results across borders and organisational cultures through different roles using specific Learning & Development models in Africa. Tuntulu Coaching has an in-depth understanding of the Zambian context, business environment and the people at large. They are able to translate this knowledge into meaningful and effective careers through the following programmes:

  1. Coaching for Managers (for middle management)
  2. Executive Boot Camp (for senior and executive management)
  3. Build the culture advantage (for your organization)

Individual coaching

Tuntulu Coaching has a model that takes one through a four step journey of self-awareness. This model helps you review your current life and find out what is important to you and also helps you develop a roadmap to guide you forward. This is done through the following programmes:

Conscious choice

In this programme, an individual is helped review their current life and find out what is really important to them by helping them develop their personal vision so that they are able to navigate life more comfortably and more fulfilling. This programme includes:

  1. Three months of coaching (6 sessions)
  2. Two coaching sessions per month of 90 minutes
  3. Unlimited email access

Let it go!

This coaching programme is about getting you back in the driver's seat. It's a personalised support package that is tailored to specific imbalances in your life that you know about but don't know what to do with. The package includes:

  • Six months of coaching (12 sessions)
  • Two coaching sessions per month of 90 minutes
  • Unlimited email access
  • E-workbook to record your assignments

Specialised coaching

The ' Soft side ' to development

When not taken into account, culture and socialisation can have a negative effect on development and humanitarian interventions. Therefore, coaching can mitigate this and thereby make the interventions more sustainable. Tuntulu solutions include tools, coaching sessions and trainings that compliment development efforts. This company can can review and propose specific measures or tools to address the ‘Soft side’ of development in any intervention for more effective and sustainable results.

Mentorship Program

Tuntulu offers corporate mentoring programs that helps organizations strategically attract, develop, and retain employees making a difference in good talent management strategy. Tuntulu has developed a 6 months corporate mentorship program which will support organizations to

  1. Management development for high potential employees
  2. New hire employee orientation and speed to productivity
  3. Employee engagement for positions with traditionally high employee turnover
  4. Knowledge transfer and succession planning
  5. Workplace diversity initiatives
  6. Executive leadership development
  7. Work life balance

Tuntulu will design and manage the programme developing short term tools and approaches and introduce a series of self-reinforcing practices to roll out the best possible corporate mentoring program for your business strategy.

Business consultants
Tuntulu Coaching · Business consultants
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