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Turnkey Projects

Lusaka, Zambia
Property improvement
Turnkey Projects specialises in industrial sheeting and cladding systems giving improved protection, efficiency and hygiene to industrial buildings such as smelters, refineries, factories, storage sheds and warehouses.Turnkey Projects also carry out polyurethane bed lining for pick-ups and trucks as well as thermal insulation of boilers, steam pipes and acid tanks; stone chip protection; acid and chemical proofing; and waterproofing. Turnkey projects source and install leading composite panels systems.

Property improvement

Turnkey Projects provides a wide range of services. The team is highly qualified and ensures quality is guaranteed on every project they undertake. When a project idea is handed over to the company, the team is expected to produce the project up to the standards set by the client they are contracted with.

The contractors at Turnkey Projects will do everything possible for the work to be completed. Composite roofing panels and composite wall panels for roof and wall applications in a variety of types. Built up and overclad systems for new and refurbishment works.

A range of purlins, cladding rails and eaves beam sections in a variety of gauges, with a full range of accessories. Steel decking, top decking, curved sheeting, perforated and non drip. These support solutions to provide flexibility in the design of your product.

Turnkey projects source and install these leading composite panels support system on the market for zinc and other hard metal coverings bringing your project up to speed. This fast track solution allows you to still choose traditional materials for the exterior of your building, whilst allowing internal works to progress quicker. This versatile product can be utilised on the roof or walls and under several roof covering types.

Property improvement
Turnkey Projects · Property improvement
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