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Vine Management Services

Lusaka, Zambia
Financial consultants
Business consultants
This company provides specialist accounting software and consultancy services, either through its own in-house team or through the secondment of professionals. Vine Management Services is an authorised reseller of Pastel Accounting Software products. Training and assistance is provided based on the structure of the organisation and the number of users and modules. In addition, Vine Management Services assists and enables new businesses and investors to establish themselves in Zambia.

Financial consultants

Vine Management Services supplies accounting software, enterprise resource planning solutions and related products. All packages supplied are approved internationally and by the Zambia Revenue Authority. The company also provides a support and call-out service for companies that use accounting software.

Vine Management Services will assess a company's needs and recommend training or professional assistance or a combination of these. The company also prides itself in working with donor-funded projects by implementing effective account systems.

Accounting systems

Vine Management Services recommends suitable accounting packages that consist of modules that are relevant and applicable to the client's setting. It implements the chosen systems on behalf of its clients.

Training and support

Vine also trains users and supports businesses on an agreed basis – annual, call-out or any other arrangement that suits the client's needs. Vine assists all types of businesses, whether or not it supplied the original packages. Vine Management Services trains clients how to use accounting softwares using simple language and easily understood techniques. The Vine team does this via personal visits, telephone or the internet.

Strategic partnerships

Vine Management Services has a wide range of human resources that it taps into, from relevant finance and ICT backgrounds. The company identified strategic working partners such as ICT companies and accounting firms. This strategy delivers an efficient and cost effective way of doing business.

Financial consultants
Vine Management Services · Financial consultants

Business consultants

Vine Management Services recommends viable business ventures in Zambia to investors from Europe, Asia and USA. The idea is to create private partnerships between local businesses and foreign investors. To date this has resulted in over ten successful partnerships in the construction, manufacturing and trading sectors.

Vine Management Services provides viable business proposals that are carefully researched and documented, for clients who wish to expand and diversify their territory. Vine Management Services maintains strategic partnerships to further business collaboration in Zambia. It works closely with clients for effective planning and implementation of new ventures. The company creates value by using strategy, experience and analytical expertise.

Business consultants
Vine Management Services · Business consultants


Vine Management Services has developed an empowerment concept that seeks to work with co-operatives and small-scale farmers in Lusaka and Chongwe areas, with the idea soon to be extended to other parts of the country. The company has been mobilising financial resources to develop projects aimed at accelerating research and fact-finding.

Vine Management Services extensive surveys have revealed that many small-scale farmers do not own bank accounts and that this is more pronounced among women and youth. Research has shown that for many years small-scale farmers and co-operatives have failed to attain the desirable levels of sustainability and as such more often wait for donations and subsidies, which may not be the best way to grow.

The concept centres on the fact that while small-scale farmers and co-operatives may have access to both traditional and non-traditional land, they still are facing challenges in accessing financial services, markets, meaningful funding for inputs and a general lack of financial and business management know-how.

In this area, Vine Management services has been mobilizing resources, financial and otherwise, to develop pilot projects aimed at accelerating research and fact-finding, with a view to coming up with sustainable solutions for co-operatives and small scale farmers. The financial resources, while quite limited in amount, have been contributions purely from their own revenues, from professionals and other income, the idea being that 'little help to humanity is better than no help at all.'

Corporate social responsibility

Additionally, and as part of their corporate social responsibility, Vine Management Services have pride in working, on a voluntary basis, with communities in areas of HIV/AIDS and education. Currently, Vine Management Services has embarked on a project to 'donate a school' to communities where children often walk more than 5 kilometres to access learning centres. Phase 1 of this project is being undertaken in the outskirts of the Lusaka/Chongwe areas.

Vine Management Services · Agriculture
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