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Wah Kong Enterprises Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia

Updated 5 months ago
Registered in 1990, Wah Kong Enterprises is one of Zambia’s most reputable Chinese contractors. Their aim is to provide the following high quality services for Zambian clients - building construction; civil, structural and engineering works; and building project management. Wah Kong’s team comprises experienced local staff and highly qualified Chinese engineers, working together to ensure project quality and efficient implementation. Environmental concerns, site security issues and cost control are handled professionally, with full technical support as required.

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Great East Road, Lusaka
379A Great East Road, Chelstone, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 283182, +260 975 005091, +260 977 771872, +260 968 663026
PO Box 320110, Lusaka, Zambia
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Road construction and maintenance

With up-to-date equipment, Wah Kong Enterprises provides professional road construction and maintenance services for projects of all sizes. The company also installs concrete pavements, drainages, small bridges and other concrete structures. It has an excellent reputation for producing quality work, with a clear commitment to delivering on client expectations.
Professional road construction and maintenance services
Up-to-date equipment
Roads that stand the test of time
Road construction and maintenance - 0
Road construction and maintenance - 1
Road construction and maintenance - 2
Road construction and maintenance - 3

Structural engineering

Wah Kong’s structural engineering experience includes working with structural steel, reinforced concrete, post-tensioned concrete, pre-cast concrete, and timber. The company's in-house skills and state-of-the-art equipment allows it to deliver cost-effective and architecturally elegant structural designs for various projects. These include high-rise buildings, bridges and multi-storey car parks.
A wide range of structural engineering design and construction services
Cost-effective and architecturally elegant structural designs
Engineers work with a vast range of building types
Structural engineering - 0
Structural engineering - 1
Structural engineering - 2
Structural engineering - 3

Commercial property construction

Wah Kong Enterprises offers commercial new build development, remodeling, refurbishment and maintenance services. Understanding that delays in a commercial construction project can lead to cost overruns, lost productivity and other issues, this company ensures that each project is completed in the shortest time possible.
A leading commercial construction company
Quality craftsmanship and superior service
Experienced and dedicated experts in property construction
Commercial property construction - 0
Commercial property construction - 1
Commercial property construction - 2
Commercial property construction - 3

Industrial property construction

Are you planning to build a manufacturing facility, or renovate or extend your existing one? Wah Kong Enterprises has the expertise to meet the strictest standards and most challenging needs. This company has designed, constructed and delivered some of the most sophisticated manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Zambia. In all its projects, Wah Kong gives priority to designing facilities that streamline production processes and offer a safe environment for all employees.
Design and construction of large, small and medium scale industrial sites
Company committed to meeting your exact requirements
Expertise to meet the strictest standards and most challenging needs
Industrial property construction - 0
Industrial property construction - 1
Industrial property construction - 2
Industrial property construction - 3

Residential property construction

If you are considering building a home or making an extension, Wah Kong Enterprises has you covered. Their experienced team will listen to your ideas and design as well as build to your exact expectations. The goal is turn your dreams into reality. Wah Kong leverages more than 30 years’ residential construction experience to bring the highest quality of custom craftsmanship to every project.
A full-service residential construction company
Well-built and eye catching homes
Turning your ideas into reality
Residential property construction - 0
Residential property construction - 1
Residential property construction - 2
Residential property construction - 3

Building project management

Wah Kong Enterprises offers professional building project management services. The company is committed to keeping each construction project running on time, making sure quality is maintained and the project stays within the allotted budget. Customers will experience Wah Kong’s customer-centric approach from a dedicated project manager.
Professional building project management services
Extensive hands-on technical and managerial experience
Projects of various sizes and complexities
Building project management - 0
Building project management - 1
Building project management - 2
Building project management - 3

Building contractors

Wah Kong Enterprises offers commercial and residential building construction, renovation and alteration services. The company tailors its services to fit each client’s budget and unique requirements. It has built a reputation for providing quality services and completing its projects on time.
World class commercial and residential building contractors
A highly skilled team
Tailors its services to fit each client’s budget and requirements
Building contractors - 0
Building contractors - 1
Building contractors - 2
Building contractors - 3

Contact information

Great East Road, Lusaka
379A Great East Road, Chelstone, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 283182, +260 975 005091, +260 977 771872, +260 968 663026
PO Box 320110, Lusaka, Zambia

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