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Yendelela Trading Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia
Motor bike sales
Bike parts and accessories
Bike service and maintenance
Yendelela Trading is the official and exclusive distributor of Bajaj, two and three wheeler motorcycles in Zambia. The company specialises in motorcycle sales, parts and accessories, as well as service and maintenance. Yendelela Trading offers a one-stop-shop for all your Bajaj motorcycle requirements. The company is affiliated with Bajaj Auto Ltd, a leading global motorcycle manufacturer with its headquarters in India. Yendelela aims to give its clients an opportunity to experience the growing freedom of mobility.

Motor bike sales

Yendelela Trading is the sole distributor of the Bajaj Boxer BM two wheeler and Bajaj RE three wheeler range of motorcycles in Zambia. These motorcycles are ideal for commercial and non-commercial purposes, and offer excellent performance, safety and comfort. The motorcycles will take various loads in the toughest terrains.

Bajaj Boxer

Strength, endurance, ruggedness and durability are what describe this range. This is a bike that will stay tough while imparting a sense of security and assurance within a rider. This bike is one of the largest selling across Africa and is also one of the most preferred in more than 30 countries for a wide range of applications.

Bajaj Boxer 150

Yendelela Trading is offering the Bajaj Boxer 150. The motorcycle combines power and fuel efficiency, making it ideal for city travel as well as for longer rides and across country terrains. This bike has a rugged and solid style meant for commuters who seek better performance from 150 cc bikes. This motorcycle delivers power on all load and speed conditions.

The Bajaj Boxer 150 churns 12 Ps power at 7500rpm and has a torque of 12.26Nm at 5000rpm. The highest low end torque fulfils demand to carry the maximum load all the time. The bikes natural cooled engine ensures that the engine does not overheat on longer journeys.

Boxer BM 150-X

The BM150-X is an off road version of the BM 150, this model is economical and easy to operate with a thick thread semi knobby tyre and a wheel base of 1.285mm. This gives it maximum traction between the wheels and the road surface, be it muddy, gravel, stony or sandy. With a ground clearance of 190mm the safety of the engine and other sensitive parts of the bike when riding through irregular terrains is ensured.

The bike has a telescopic cylinder type front suspension and a spring in spring (SNS) rear suspension for guaranteed riding comfort. Fuel capacity is 11.0, with the reserve tank being 1.5 litres. It runs on a 150cc engine and is naturally cooled to avoid overheating on longer travels.

Bajaj RE

This is a three wheeler motorcycle that is ideal for carrying people from different walks of life. The most popular in this range is the Bajaj RE 4S. The bike carries three passengers and an extra load with ease. The Bajaj RE 4S has a twin spark four stroke engine which offers better pickup, drive ability and load bearing capacity.

This motorcycle also comes with improved ergonomics which enable better reach to the handlebar, more knee clearance while making sure the rider feels no obstruction while turning corners. The bike's cabin offers enough space for keeping a mobile charger, bottle holder as well as space to accommodate a glove box compartment.

Motor bike sales
Yendelela Trading Ltd · Motor bike sales

Bike parts and accessories

Yendelela Trading offers an extensive range of Bajaj motorcycle parts and accessories including engines, suspension kits, exhausts, filters, batteries, lights, hand controls, brakes, luggage systems, radiators, wheels, transmissions, windshields, gloves and helmets. Their specialist team is always ready to help you find the right parts.

Yendelela Trading is focused on stocking the best parts and accessories on the market that will improve the performance of your motorcycle. The company maintains a huge inventory of parts and accessories for all motorcycles distributed.

If you are not sure of which part will fit your motorcycle, their specialist team is always ready to help you find the right one. The company is also able to order items that are not available in the shortest possible time.

Bike parts and accessories
Yendelela Trading Ltd · Bike parts and accessories

Bike service and maintenance

With a well equipped workshop, Yendelela Trading covers all aspects of vital service and maintenance of motorcycles. Their team has vast knowledge and experience to handle repairs for a variety of makes and models. Yendelela is committed to complete any maintenance, service or repair work to the highest standard.

Yendelela Trading offers routine maintenance and repairs of Bajaj motorcycles. The company also replaces various parts such as chains and sprockets, brake pads, brake lines, brake piston seals, brake discs, brake levers, wheel bearings, steering head bearings, swing arm bearings, fork seals, fuel lines, filters, spark plugs, exhaust systems, clutch plates, clutch baskets, clutch centers, ignition systems, alternators and clutch levers.

No matter how big the job is, their workshop team is aware of the responsibility they have in helping you by delivering excellent work, safely and efficiently.

Bike service and maintenance
Yendelela Trading Ltd · Bike service and maintenance
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