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Lusaka, Zambia
Metal fabrication and parts
Electrical supplies
Solar and Renewable
ZALCO was established in 2007. The company manufactures a wide range of quality electric cables and copper cathodes. ZALCO also fabricates hand railings, stairs and structural frames for buildings and equipment, and cooking utensils such as pots and pans under the Alumpoto, Yolimba, Womens Pride, Ipot and Afripot brands. Power Max quality automotive batteries and Solar Max solar batteries are also produced by the company. It has branches in Lusaka, Kabwe and Kitwe.

Metal fabrication and parts

ZALCO manufactures quality brands of pots and pans, namely Alumpoto, Yolimba and Afripot. They also make aluminium sheets for a wide range of applications, steel deformed bars that are essential in the construction industrial, and oxygen gas used in industrial applications.

ZALCO offers a range of fabricated items including hand railings, stairs and structural frames for buildings and equipment. ZALCO pots and pans come in 6 different sizes – 15cm, 17.5cm, 20cm, 22.5cm, 25cm and 27.5cm. These are packaged according to the customer's requirement.


Cooking a great meal has a lot to do with the cookware. ZALCO supplies Alumpoto pans and pots that are thick, heavy and durable.


ZALCO manufactures Yolimba pots and pans that are heavy but affordable. Yolimba pots and pans are made of aluminium which is resistant to corrosion.


Afripot pots and pans are ZALCO’s budget range. They are durable, with excellent heating properties.

Aluminium sheets

ZALCO supplies aluminium sheets that are strong but lightweight. Aluminium has good corrosion resistance and can be used either indoors or outside. In situations where strength is needed but weight is an issue, aluminium is very easy to work with, making it ideal for car body repairs, kitchen splash backs, sign making, model making and jewellery.

Steel deformed bars

ZALCO supplies steel bars that are commonly used as a tensioning device in reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures. Deformed bars are made of carbon steel. The ridges give improved anchoring when used in reinforced concrete.

Oxygen gas

ZALCO supplies welding equipment, consumables and safety gear. It provides an extensive range of welding and cutting options and gas mixtures. ZALCO also offers safety training to ensure that the gases used are stored and handled properly.

  • All-in-one welding solutions
  • Customised cutting and heating solutions
  • Complete laser gas solutions
  • Thermal spray coating solutions for the perfect finish

ZALCO products

  • Pots and pans
  • Aluminium sheets
  • Steel deformed bars
  • Oxygen gas
Metal fabrication and parts
ZALCO Ltd · Metal fabrication and parts

Electrical supplies

ZALCO produces a wide range of high quality electric cables that include single core, multi strand and twin flex cables. The cables range from 1.5mm to 16mm and are packaged in 100m lengths. They also manufacture copper cathodes that are fully certified by the Zambia Bureau of Standards.

ZALCO stocks a variety of electrical cables:-

Single core

Conduit, trunking and tri-rated cabling typically have a single core. These are found in automotive electrics, thermocouples and high temperature environments. Single core cables range from 1.5mm to 2.5mm.

Multi strand

ZALCO produces multistrand wires with PVC, silicone and TPE insulation, all of a high quality manufacturing standard. ZALCO can make special cables to customers’ individual specifications. Multi strand cables range from 2.5mm to 16mm.

Twin flex cables

ZALCO manufactures flexible cables that are designed for use in production lines and high rack storage areas. They are characterised by high durability within a very small bending radius. Twin flex cables come in both 3-core and 4-core; diameters range from 1.5mm to 2.5mm.

ZALCO also manufactures cathodes:-

Copper cathodes

ZALCO supplies copper cathodes, used to make copper wires. The flexible nature of copper makes it an excellent choice for electrical and audio wires, which must be thin and flexible. Apart from making copper wires copper cathodes can be used to make copper cake, ranging from thin foils to thick plates.Products

  • Single core
  • Multi strand
  • Twin flex cables
  • Copper cathodes
Electrical supplies
ZALCO Ltd · Electrical supplies

Solar and Renewable

The company is one of the leading manufacturers of solar batteries and automotive batteries. ZALCO manufactures two brands of batteries - Solar Max and Power Max. The long life Solar Max batteries are designed for energy storage within solar energy systems. Power Max batteries are automotive batteries.

Solar Max batteries

ZALCO supplies Solar Max batteries used to store electrical energy in a renewable energy system. The renewable energy source, whether photovoltaic (solar), wind and hydro, produces the energy, and the battery stores it for times of low or no renewable energy production. Most batteries employed in renewable energy systems use the same electro-chemical reactions as the lead-acid battery in cars. But Solar Max batteries use the superior deep cycling design.

ZALCO supplies battery cabinets that protect batteries while providing an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution.

The new technology used in the Solar Max dry charge battery means that under normal conditions it should not be necessary to frequently top up the battery with distilled water. Under extreme conditions, such as very frequent usage or if the electrical system regulator is not working correctly, it can become necessary to top up the battery.

Power Max batteries

ZALCO supplies a wide range of Power Max automotive batteries, suitable for most cars. Power Max batteries are maintenance free and designed for today's automotives. The latest calcium technology used has improved shelf life and overall performance, making it more reliable and durable.

Features include

  • Case sizing and ratings to match many car specifications
  • Reliable and safe performance
  • Superb value for money
  • Calcium technology
  • Maintenance free
  • Standard specification
  • Recommended for petrol and diesel cars. and light commercial vehicles

Power Max batteries can be used in a variety of vehicles:

  • Motor bikes
  • Cars
  • Boats
  • Trucks

Power Max batteries

  • Maintenance free battery
  • Completely sealed case can be mounted in almost any position
  • Advanced technology allows very high power discharge
  • Accepts a high rate of recharge without damage to the battery
  • Can be charged over 90% in less than one hour on a regulated charger
  • Battery is charged in the same manner as any lead acid battery
  • When not in service, battery should be charged once a month
Solar and Renewable
ZALCO Ltd · Solar and Renewable
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