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Lusaka, Zambia
Electronic payment systems
Business management software
Point of sale systems
Launched in 2005, Zamlink's primary focus is switching and settling secure shared financial transactions for its member banks and any third-party financial institution. The company offers a turnkey business solution that is tailored to give any bank or financial institution instant access to more than 250 ATMs on their network countrywide and over 250 POS terminals, shared mobile banking platforms and other e-payments initiatives.

Electronic payment systems

Zamlink is an electronic transaction management company that provides an infrastructure for processing electronic transactions between banks and other financial institutions. The company manages a network of ATMs, POS terminals and mobile and internet banking services, routing the transactions to the banks and institutions. They also provide agency banking to banks and own banks e.g. MFI.

With their switch currently pushing 81,000 transactions per month, Zamlink aims to be the preferred electronic fund's transaction switch and to become Zambia's most dominant and influential electronic solution provider.

Zamlink gives its member banks and financial learning institution an opportunity to experience the supremacy of electronic payments.

Zamlink offers a wide array of services including:

  • Management of network of ATMs
  • Route transactions to the appropriate participating bank
  • Seeking of authorizations
  • Providing stand-in authorizations where required
  • Providing timely, accurate clearing and settlement data
  • Providing infrastructure for e-initiative delivery channels
  • ATM installation, configuration and maintenance services
  • Electronic funds transaction service consultancy

Electronic payment systems
Zamlink · Electronic payment systems

Business management software

Zamlink develops mobile and internet banking services, loyalty schemes and gift cards, as well as electronic vouchers such as electricity. The company prides itself in possessing extensive expertise in financial and banking payment systems, as well as skills in systems integration for complex and large projects.

Zamlink consistently improves services and innovative delivery in order to exceed customer expectations through reliable and professional electronic funds transaction services.

Business management software
Zamlink · Business management software

Point of sale systems

Zamlink provides solutions for point-of-sale transactions including electronic tax payment, mobile funds transfer, bill payments, airtime top-up as well as (mobile phone and ATM). The company has a specialist team of technicians to provide routine maintenance, installations, and emergency repairs.

Integrated POS channel

The integrated POS channel is where a POS device interfaces to a checkout till at merchant locations. These are most commonly used in retail outlets where a multilane environment exists. Services such as cash-back where the cardholder is able to draw cash together with purchases from the retailer are enabled due to the close proximity with the cash register.

Point of sale systems
Zamlink · Point of sale systems
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