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Workshop Technology Part 1 5th Edition

Workshop Technology Part 1 5th Edition

Useful to students for the preliminary work in workshop technology. Dr Chapman's books on workshop technology and calculations have long had an international reputation in workshops and colleges. In their latest editions they now all use SI units throughout. Changes have been made where necessary to take account of developments in practice and equipment, but on the whole the original character and style of the books have been retained.
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It is the method of instruction which Dr Chapman has combined with his unique style that has proved so successful in the training of workshop engineers all over the world.

  • Table of Contents 1. Introduction - materials - iron and steel
  • 2. The properties and treatment of iron and steel
  • 3. Non-ferrous metals and alloys - Alloy steels - Preparation of metals
  • 4. Heat processes - forging, riveting, soldering and brazing
  • 5. Power, safety and care
  • 6. Metal cutting
  • 7. Checking and measurement of surfaces
  • 8. The bench. Flat surfaces - Filing, chipping, scraping
  • 9. Marking out, drilling, screwing
  • 10. Introduction to the lathe
  • 11. Chuck work - Face-plate - Taper turning - Screw-cutting
  • 12. The shaping machine Appendix Index
AuthorW.A.J. Chapman
Print length428 pages
PublisherRoutledge; 5th edition
Publication dateJanuary 1, 1972
Dimensions5.5 x 0.97 x 8.5 inches

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