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Advanced Educational Psychology

Advanced Educational Psychology

This revised and expanded edition is a sequel to the first edition which was warmly received by the student and teaching community for its in-depth analysis and refreshing approach to the subject. Beginning with an introduction to nature and scope, and the various schools of psychology, the book discusses the systems propounded by Freud, Adler, Piaget and Jung taking into account their critical importance to the subject. B. Kuppuswamy. Contents: Part I: The Scope of Educational Psychology, B. Kuppuswamy Educational Psychology in Ancient India, D.C. Das Gupta Part II: Nature and Factors of Growth, B. Kuppuswamy Stages and Aspects on Growth, B. Kuppuswamy Nature and Process of Learning, Udai Pareek Motivation and Learning, Prayag Mehta Development of Motor Skills and Knowledge, B. Kuppuswamy Development of Perception and Conception, Prem Pasricha Development of Interests and attitudes, Durganand Sinha Part III: Psychology of individual differences, M. Varma Theories of Intelligence, S. Jalota Measurement of Intelligence, S. Jalota Educational Measurement and Evaluation, V. K. Kothurkar The Backward Children, B. D. Bhatia Educating the Gifted Child, Prem I. Sricha Part IV: Development and Assessment of Personality, Shib K. Mitra Psychoanalysis and Education, B. D. Bhatia Group Process in the Classroom, Udai Pareek Part V: Mental Hygiene in Education, B. D. Bhatia Maladjusted Child, Udai Shankar Psychology of Discipline Udai Shankar Educational and Vocational Guidance, S. M. Mohsin Contributors Index
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