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Nursing Research 2nd Edition

Nursing Research 2nd Edition

Basavanthappa BT. The book deals with all aspects of nursing research. The nursing faculty and students world would certainly find it useful. Today nurses are challenged to make quick yet critical and informed decisions about a variety of patients/clients problems occurring within the context of a complex and rapidly changing health care system. The nursing profession is increasingly in the development of scientific knowledge relating to its practice. Research becoming a major force in nursing and is being used to change practice, education and policy. This book has been written in a simple and lucid style covering concepts research required by the nurses as per the norms of INC. The primary audience of this book remains undergraduate students, who are learning the steps of the research process, critiquing published research literature, communicating and apply research finding in their practice. This book is also a valuable resource for students at the Masters and Doctoral levels who wants a concise review of the basic steps of the research process and critiquing process. It is hoped that this book is in earnest attempt to give enough exposure to nursing research process and enables the students better understanding in research concepts and definitely find it useful for faculty who is handling the subject in teaching line. by Martin Ward, John Cutcliffe
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