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Educational Thought And Practice

Educational Thought And Practice

VR Taneja. Dissatisfaction with the coping power, content and methods of current formal education, the persistent call for 'deschooling' the elamour for radical reform in teaching-learning styles, the recent explosions of knowledge, population and aspiration, the 'will' to redeem the pledge of providing equality of educational opportunity and creating a learning society, the nations have committed to broaden the paths of learning . Bonanza for this has been found in OPEN-LEARNING (Non-formal/Informal education) not as a rival alternative to the formal education, but as its parallel and complementary system, less costly and more effective and efficacious to educate the wider constituency of learners. A full-fledged chapter, therefore, has been added in this edition on "Open Learning (nonformal/informal education)" , giving its genesis, concept, philosophy and dimensions with a view to enhancing the utility of book.
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