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Illustrated Daily Bible

Illustrated Daily Bible

Christian Books & Bibles · Solomon's Song
This new Children's Bible includes stories chosen to cover all the main events, retold with a continuous thread. There are 365 stories, one for every day of the year, each accompanied by Bible quotations that give readers a taste of the language and style of the original texts. The stylish illustrations illuminate and inform, while the easily accessible encyclopedia at the end of the book helps to explain the context and background of the stories. All combined to make this a useful and readable Bible for older children and their parents.

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Author: Rhona Davies

  • First Edition: 2007 Anno Domini Publishing
  • Publisher: The Stanborough Press Ltd. (Revised 2016)
  • Chapters: 365
  • Pages: 349

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Solomon's Song
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Solomon's Song gives you a huge choice of reading material, catering for all ages. Buy for yourself or as a special gift for a friend or loved one - with an impact that is always positive and potentially enduring.