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The Kafue National Park Zambia by Nikki Ashley

The Kafue National Park Zambia by Nikki Ashley

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The Government of Zambia has put aside over 22,400 square kilometres as the Kafue National Park. The genetic diversity and gene pool that this National Park protects and preserves is significant for the world. The tourism possibilities of this park are being developed, it is still a place to visit and feel the privilege of being in pristine Africa.

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There is a helpful map that shows the roads and camps available in the park. There is a section on the available camps and the text is beautifully written by a writer that won awards from the prestigious BBC Wildlife Magazine. The photographs compliment the text and together make an outstanding publication on this exceptional National Park.

The Kafue National Park Zambia, written by Nikki Ashley and illustrated with photographs taken by Ian Murphy, is mainly a collection of essays on the natural history of some of the plants and animals that may be encountered in the Park. The last third of the book provides information on where to stay, with maps.

AuthorNikki Ashley
Publication date January 1, 2012
ISBN-10 0957297904
ISBN-13 978-0957297906

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