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Longman Biology Pupil’s Book 10

Longman Biology Pupil’s Book 10

By studying biology, students learn to make more informed decisions about their own health and about significant biological issues such as genetically modified crops, the use of antibiotics, and the eradication of invasive species.
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How Science Works sections have been specifically designed to prepare pupils for the skills they will be expected to demonstrate on their GCSE courses. These are clearly designated so that teachers can introduce as little or as much HSW as suits their curriculum for this age range.

The pupil book contains: an in-depth approach to the content a suitable level of text for able pupils, set in an engaging modern design end of chapter summaries and LOTS of questions, including 'Quick Checks', to reinforce and consolidate concepts new 'How Science Works' sections that focus on developing skills and placing science in real-world contexts an Investigation section to help pupils plan and undertake scientific investigations plus a model investigation and answer for additional guidance a glossary to develop pupils' scientific knowledge and use of vocabulary.

AuthorsJ. Avis, F. Clitheroe, K. Mudenda and E. Rithie

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