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Primary Science Pupil’s Book Grade 1 Nyanja

Primary Science Pupil’s Book Grade 1 Nyanja

Primary science introduces children to scientific ways of investigating the physical world and to 'stepping-stone' ideas from which official ideas will develop later.

Further information

Integrated Science is a course written by educationists and practising teachers who were involved in the development of the latest primary science syllabus. The textbooks are carefully designed to cover the syllabus and provide the basic scientific skills, attitudes and knowledge to prepare the child for work in science.

The unique strength of the book lies in the following areas:

  • Adequate coverage of the new curriculum concepts and skills with a strong activity orientation.
  • A variety of examples enclosed in coloured frames to promote self-study and ease of use.
  • A variety of exercises that test the understanding of every concept and skill learnt.

The book comes with a separate comprehensive teacher's guide and a set of wall charts. It has been designed with special reference to learners with different learning abilities.


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