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Bandsaw - 112" Stainless steel bandsaw (3PH) 324123-E

Bandsaw - 112" Stainless steel bandsaw (3PH) 324123-E

Meat Processing Machinery · Freddy Hirsch · Freddy Hirsch
Manufactured from Stainless Steel to cut fresh and frozen meat products.

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  • Product Code: 324123-E
  • Model: 304 Bandsaw BSB1403
  • Power: 3 Phase 380v 50Hz 1.5Kw
  • Cutting Specifications: Vertical x 420mm, Horizontal x 340mm
  • Wheel Diameter: 356mm
  • Blade Length: 2850mm
  • Blade Cutting Speed: 800m/minute
  • Supplied with: Overload relay, top and bottom door micro switches
  • Power Supply: 3 ph
  • Dimensions: 959mm (L) x 914mm (1213mm) (W) x 1851mm (H)
  • Weight: 220kg
  • Bandsaw frame and doors made of 3CR12 material
  • Safety brake electronically controlled and engages direct on Motor drive


Available from our Spares Department


Freddy Hirsch bandsaws are designed to process a variety of meat and bones of different sizes.

  • Complies with SANS IEC 60355-2-64.
  • The welded construction is of the highest standard and components are of the best quality.
  • The units are robust, reliable and functional and will stand up to the rigorous demands of the busy butchery.
  • Spare parts are readily available to minimize down time during servicing.

  • Sliding Table - Tilting mechanism

The tilt function of the sliding table enables the table to be cleaned without removing it and will eliminate issues experienced by the end users where tables are lost and cannot be refitted correctly.

  • Stationary Table – Fixed

The table has been re-designed and is no longer removable. The table can be removed by undoing 4 bolts. Extra reinforcing bends have been added to the table which will ensure that the table remains rigid and stable throughout.

  • New Guide Block System

The previous intricate front scraper assembly has been replaced with a new guide block system with a streamlined function. The lower brass and nylon guide blocks are now assembled together with the lower blade guide bearing in a manner that makes maintenance simpler and more efficient, as well as improving functionality and performance. This improvement will prevent the saw from being operated without the bottom scraper bearing, which is intended to limit the blades from travelling too deep into the brass guide and ensures that the blades last longer.

  • New Scrapers

The new Teflon scraper system simplifies field replacement of the scrapers, eliminating the need to remove the entire scraper holder.

  • Thickness Gauge

The bracket assembly has been engineered to stop 5mm away from the blade (minimum cut thickness).

  • Top Wheel Bearings

Top wheel bearings have been upgraded to a full stainless steel bearing to better handle the rigorous demands of a busy butchery.

  • Carrier Bar assembly

The interference of the carrier bar and thumb guard has been addressed.

  • Sliding table grip

The ergonomics of the thumb guard has been improved incorporating a grip plate to make the operation thereof more practical and comfortable for the operator.

  • Switch Box

Power switches have been relocated to the front of the bandsaw for improved operator ergonomics. The switch box has also been enclosed in a stainless steel enclosure to better handle the rigorous demands of a busy butchery.


Freddy Hirsch bandsaw was designed with safety in mind and now complies with leading European Standards for safety and operation.

  • Micro switches are fitted on both upper and lower doors, which when opened will trigger the magnetic brake system shutting down the motor in approximately 2 seconds.
  • There are also additional finger guards fitted to the bandsaw, minimizing exposure of the operator to the blade.
  • The magnetic brake activates when power is removed.
  • The activation of the selector switch allows the bandsaw to be placed into a ‘setup’ mode for safe and efficient blade adjustment and maintenance.
  • The units are fitted with easily removable tables for efficient cleaning.
  • The additional benefits of operating a fully compliant bansaw are that accidents can be substantially reduced thus increasing productivity

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