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Grape Seed Oil 200ml - Olive Oil Spray La Espanola

Grape Seed Oil 200ml - Olive Oil Spray La Espanola

Edible Oil · Kuleni Supergold Ltd
The best olives from Spain, combined with the finest tropical grapeseeds gives a full-bodied flavour with gentle hints of spiciness. This new triple action spray system allows the user to smoothly distribute and control the amount of oil desired. It is lower in saturated fat while high in good fats. There is also no content of gas found in the oil.
K146 per 200ml bottle
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Reference: 8410660045686

Format: 200ml

Tasting Notes

Grape Seed oil is pressed from the seeds of grapes. It has a mild flavour and aroma of the grape but it is often neutral in flavour. This is why it is most suitable as a cooking oil so not to mask the taste of the food that is cooked.

Grape Seed Oil is preferred in the kitchen for its greater resistance to high cooking temperatures, (High smoke point - 216 ºC (420 ºF) without producing harmful carcinogens) which prevents the formation of fatty acids and free radicals. This property, along with its delicate flavour, and non-greasy taste, accentuates the flavour of foods and makes it optimal for frying, sautéing, making mayonnaise and dressing salads.

Health Benefits:

The grape pipes have health benefits, they improve digestion and even delay the aging of the brain cells.

Grape Seed Oil provides vitamin E and a high concentration of Omega 6, substances that help reduce "bad" cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides.

Serving Advice: Ideal for frying, baking and salads.

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